About Home Remedies for Treating Vertigo In Patients

About Home Remedies for Treating Vertigo In Patients


Did you know that more than 69 million people in the USA have vertigo? Interestingly, the majority of people suffering from vertigo are people aged 41 or above. However, people from other ages can still get vertigo, and this medical fact rules out the misconception that it is an old age medical condition.

What causes vertigo?


When discussing remedies for vertigo patients, it is critical to evaluate what causes this medical condition. Interestingly, it is one of the few medical conditions with different causes. Any ENT doctor is obligated — by medical guidelines — to check whether a patient has BPPV (Benign positional paroxysmal vertigo) when they complain of dizziness. The main reason why an ENT doctor must evaluate the presence of deposits in the patient ear is that cases of deposits (in the human ear) are on the rise.

In some other cases, vertigo is a product of another medical complication. Did you know that cold viruses cause short-term dizziness, which is mild giddiness? According to experts, cold is the number one cause of short-term inflammation. Therefore, a visit to an ENT doctor is critical for more assessments. Other causes of this medical condition include Meniere’s disease, Vestibular neuritis, Stroke and in some cases of head injuries. All these causes portray this medical condition as a product of another medical reality, and therefore, most cases of vertigo are short-term. However, the following are remedies for vertigo patients.

Home remedies for curing vertigo

Like discussed above, most of the vertigo cases are secondary, and therefore, one needs home remedies to cure vertigo. These home remedies are exercises — customized from professional therapies — and through diet.

Diet remedies for vertigo patients


Did you know that a majority of vertigo relate medications have vitamin D as one of the vital components? Therefore, any treatment for vertigo — in a home setting — must have Vitamin D. Either you can use supplements containing this essential vitamin or you can eat food rich in Vitamin D. When looking for treatment for vertigo, it is ideal to avoid any type (or class) of food that is rich in amino acid tyramine. Medical professionals also point out that excessive caffeine and salt is inadvisable. Fortunately, most of the vertigo cases are not recurrent, and avoiding the above foods and drinks is on a short-term basis.

The best repositioning exercises for curing vertigo

There are three ideal exercises for people with vertigo, which are generic versions of some professional therapy exercises. The first (and arguably the most moderate exercise) is — Epley Maneuver. This exercise is simple as it involves head and body movement, to reintroduce the balance between the body and the ears. Alternatively, you can use Brandt-Daroff, which requires you to exercise the ear, by moving its crystals in regular movement. The exercise is more technical, but it is the most efficient remedy in the short term. Thirdly, Semont Maneuver is another workout routine ideal for you — especially when your neck is stiff.

In conclusion, combining exercises and diet options is the best way to cure this condition. The above remedies are short-term solutions, and in the case of recurrent vertigo, you should seek a professional opinion.