Breast Lift, What You Need To Know

Breast Lift, What You Need To Know


Also known as mastopexy, the breast lift is a surgical procedure that is done to change the shape of your breasts. During this surgery, the excess skin will be removed, and thus your breasts will be reshaped and lifted, in a way.

Women choose to have this procedure done for many reasons; but whether you want the procedure done because your nipples are pointing downwards or your breasts are not the shape they once were, you can visit for more information; or check out your local hospital and talk to your surgeon instead.

A good breast lift can really make a difference

Why is it done?

As we age, your breasts will start to change, lose their firmness and elasticity. There are many causes for having saggy breasts, including:

Pregnancy. During your pregnancy, your breasts might start to stretch because of the ligaments that support your breasts. This might cause your breasts to sag, whether you decide to breastfeed or not, it is bound to happen.

Gravity. On the other hand, over time our breasts will just start to sag naturally. There is not much there could be done about that, but there are surgeries that could fix the issue.

Weight fluctuations. The changes you experience in your weight could also cause your skin to stretch and your breasts might become saggy.

A good breast lift can reduce the sagging of your breasts and raise the position, so the nipples will be in the right area. The size of your areolae can be reduced, if you would like it to, as the new breast shape will be formed.

If you have saggy breasts, or your nipples are pointing downwards, you can consider having this procedure done. However, there are many things that need to be considered on the side, as well as possible risks.

Talk to your doctor

It is very important that you take your time when deciding whether this is the right procedure for you or not, and talk to your doctor. There are different things that could come into play, and you should learn more about them beforehand.

Shape your breasts, and position them in any way you want!

Make sure to find a surgeon with a good reputation, and have a consultation or a couple, before the procedure. You can check out the effective treatment in breast lift at Breast & Body Clinic or others, depending on where you are from. It is always easier to find a local hospital, but if that is not the issue for you, simply search for a hospital with the highest reputation and many satisfied patients.

Final word

Make sure that you have a proper chat with your doctor about the possible risks, because every plastic or cosmetic surgery will have some sort of risks included. With a good breast lift, you are still exposed to risks such as scarring, changes in the nipple sensation, difficulty breast-feeding, irregularities, and others.