CBD Products – Get to Know the Different Types Available in the Market

CBD Products – Get to Know the Different Types Available in the Market


With the rise in popularity of CBD oil and tincture among fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers and celebrities to treat anxiety to depression, this product is emerging. Nevertheless, with the increased demand there are various products in the market. You might find it puzzling to understand the usage and application since this is also a highly controversial product. We have listed down most of the product forms which are available in the retail shelves today. Read on to understand it.

Core product categorization

Every CBD product which you notice are either made from extract or an isolate form. Later these core products are diversified into different sub categories which are found over the counter to solve various problems.

Hemp CBD vs Marijuana CBD

CBD can be both extracted from either hemp or marijuana. The major difference lies in the chemical composition and the THC found in each other. While marijuana extracts are much more concentrated than the hemp ones but even if hemp ones are abused, they can cause hallucination effect as well.

Hence most of the CBD products, which you get in the retail, are extracted from hemp and in controlled dosage. Recent studies have revealed that these CBD products do not produce any unwanted symptoms. It can completely be beneficial for a person’s wellbeing.

CBD oil

CBD oil is bio chemically extracted. It is then mixed with carrier oil like coconut or olive. This is often costly as it has higher concentration of CBD. Label which calls out full spectrum contain cannabinoids and essential nutrients. This can be safely consumed with food, lunch, dinners and added to drinks.

This oil should be taken sublingually, which means you have to taste it under the tongue before swallowing it. The oil gets absorbed much faster into the blood stream. You can also find few types of CBD oil for vaping purpose. You must be careful while inhaling the product.

CBD oil tinctures

CBD oil tincture is a different form where it is mixed with consumable alcohol. You can also find different flavours of this product. Most of the time you have either dilute the tincture or can consume in controlled dosages with a dropper. These are more effective than the oils and are usually available at much higher cost. Usually, these are extracted from cannabis and should not be abused.

CBD Topicals

CBD has also entered the cosmetic industry and you can get lotion and cream made up of this compound. Since CBD has several active components and can help in cell regeneration, it has gained popularity among women. It produces great results when used on pigmented sun damaged skin or on dark spots.

Since this sub category is absorbed by skin and hardly by blood, you can use without any tension. You can easily include them in your daily beauty routine.

CBD pills

You can also get CBD in a powdered capsule form. It is useful for those who don’t want to get into controlled dosage. It can be easily taken orally three times a day after breakfast, lunch and dinner. These capsules are slow release ones and usually best form of CBD that you can get for treating anxiety or panic attack and nervous breakdown. Unlike vitamins, these are water soluble and also do not interact if you are on any type of medication.