Do You Know About CBD Concentrate 101?

Do You Know About CBD Concentrate 101?


Ever since the cannabis products have been legalized, the race has already started to find strains of most potent marijuana and it is expected that somehow, few companies will come forward to put as much cannabinoids as possible in a single substance.

It is a well-known truth that the kind of marijuana available for sale has a much more THC in comparison to what was available earlier.

However, many users prefer a product with more concentration of THC in the range of 30% and more concentration.  It is here the CBD concentrates can shine. Visit SeraLabsHealth.Com to find various CBD concentrated products.

Those medical patients who are using CBD products prefer cannabidiol delivery method which helps them provide maximum relief very quickly. Therefore, the demand for CBD concentrates have risen up because no other products can be as potent as this concentrate.

For preparing such concentrates, cannabidiol can be extracted from the hemp plant and then it is filtered down for achieving high concentrations.

What CBD concentrate really is?

CBD concentrate is simply defined as hemp plant extract that contains an amazing high level of CBD. You can also buy CBD isolate today which is 99% CBD. CBD concentrates will allow you to consume huge quantity of cannabinoid in a very short period.

CBD is non-intoxicating and at the same time it can help to provide relief from many symptoms related to various medical issues.

Process of commercial CBD concentrate

Through various methods of extractions of CBD is obtained which involve use of different solvents including hexane, butane or ethanol. However, one of the cleanest and safest methods of extraction is by the use of a supercritical and non-toxic CO2.

All reputed companies use this method to produce CBD concentrate. Following are quick guide about how CBD oil can be turned into CBD concentrate by experts:

Hemp with higher CBD concentration after harvesting is dried. After completely drying, it will be grinded to extract oil. All these grounded hemps are then put into vessel and this vessel will be attached with CO2 extraction equipment.

With this process, CO2 is used for the extraction under low temperature with high pressure. This will help in preserving, isolating and maintaining the purity oil.

In the following steps, the paste will be winterized that involves removal of few plant waxes because these are not required in certain products. With the help of ethanol, the derived oil can be further refined.

Ethanol oil mix is then passed through vacuum filter and rotating evaporator for spinning. During the spinning process, oil will settle down at container’s bottom and ethanol will be recovered for recycling.

Big producers use liquid type of chromatography equipment to analyze the cannabinoid content and also overall potency of the CBD oil.

The oil will then be formulated into many products like capsules, sublingual sprays, edibles and various other medicines. All these products are usually lower strength products.

Various kinds of CBD concentrate are created in such process, as per their heat levels, moisture levels and oil texture before removing the impurities.

Few CBD manufacturers can label their products in different manner though it is just using some other name meant for CBD concentrates.