Here’s What It’s Like To Maintain Eyelash Extensions

Here’s What It’s Like To Maintain Eyelash Extensions


You probably already know all about the advantages of getting lash extensions Sydney from Fancy Lash, but there might still be a few things you aren’t aware of yet. For instance, if you’re only planning to get them done for the first time, have you ever considered its maintenance?

Nevertheless, keeping up with the upkeep of your lash extensions isn’t that big of a deal. There’s also no doubt that the benefits of getting this treatment greatly outweighs the need to maintain it properly. Besides, your technician, as well as our tips below, can guide you on what to expect after you get your extensions.

So, cut to the chase, here are some notes on how it is like to maintain eyelash extensions.

  • Get Familiar With Lash Extension Materials

First things first, if it will be your first time, make sure to familiarize yourself with what goes into getting the extensions. While you can do this once you come in, it’s best to do a bit of research beforehand. To give you a quick guide, the most common materials used in lash extensions include synthetic fibers, faux mink, and sable.

  • Confirm How Long They Will Last

This info can depend on several different factors, including the type of fiber or material used for your extension. To be sure, consider having a thorough consultation first with your technician before the actual procedure. It’s important to confirm how long your extensions will last since you can map out when you need to be back for a touch-up. It’s also a good idea to have in mind when you have an upcoming event or travel.

  • Learn (And Practice) How To Clean Your Lash Extensions

In terms of cleaning, it’s pretty easy to maintain your lash extensions. All you’ll need is a clean mascara wand (also known as a spoolie), and a mild water-based cleanser. The best type of cleanser you can use is micellar water since it’s incredibly gentle and also easily available at drugstores. Stay away from cotton pads as these can leave unwanted cotton fibers in your lashes, and they are difficult to take off.

  • Daily Maintenance Tips

For you to maintain your best volume lash extensions at Fancy Lash, you must follow and practice certain daily habits by heart. You need to adjust your makeup and skincare routine to ensure that it won’t disrupt and ruin your extensions. For one, daily brushing is a must. You need to brush your lashes, with a clean mascara wand this time, to get rid of any dust and debris. At least once a day, make sure to clean your lash extensions with micellar water and a separate spoolie. Avoid using anything oil-based as it will quickly loosen and weaken the lash extensions and the glue. Also, try to refrain from rubbing your eyes or sleeping with your face against the pillow.

Final Word

A few little adjustments and practicing a daily habit will lead to a prolonged state of beautiful lash extensions. Make sure to remember all you have to do and stay away from things you need to avoid to ensure that your lashes stay beautiful for longer.