How Much Body Fat Can I Lose Each Month?

How Much Body Fat Can I Lose Each Month?


Expectations are very important, and they go hand-in-hand with your goals. At ERA Fit, you will be given a realistic goal, as well as the best way to reach it. Our personal trainers in Miami prefer to under-promise and over-deliver, rather than giving you an unrealistic expectation. Most people in the fitness industry will fill you with unrealistic and unhealthy goals to reach. They show you crazy levels of transformation, achieved over very short periods of time. Although you may be tempted to join these crazes, more often than not, the people who have had such a fantastic transformation tend to go back to square one because it is simply unsustainable.

What Can I Expect?

The average body fat loss goal to have is around 1-3% a month. It’s not about your weight; it’s about the percentage of fat that you can lose. It’s about your body composition, and it depends on how strict you are with the program, how many times you are working out each week, and what your lifestyle is like.

If you are eating processed foods, having big portions, and eating quickly, you have unhealthy eating habits. Equally, if you aren’t exercising, if you eat fewer whole-grain foods and don’t get enough sleep, you also fall into this category.

Here are three categories of body fat and what you need to be doing to achieve the desired percentage of body fat.

Easy Transition

Men 15-20% body fat.

Women 25-30% body fat.

Take your time with food, and eat slowly, savoring the taste rather than filling yourself up. Ensure that you have 1-2 palm-fulls of protein with 1-2 meals each day, and include 1-2 fists of vegetables with each one. Start exercising 3-5 times a week, cut back on the desserts and sugary foods, and avoid caloric beverages.

Medium transition

Men 13-15% body fat

Women 23-25% body fat.

You should still maintain a healthy diet with the correct amount of protein and vegetables in each meal, but you want to be exercising every day for at least 30-45 minutes, and 1-2 of these sessions should mean you are breaking into a sweat. In addition to this, you should be looking to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. You should also limit your processed food intake and only have 3 or 5 caloric beverages per week.

Hard Transition

Men 10-12% body fat

Women 20-22% body fat.

You want to be eating slowly, and until satisfied, for at least 90% of each meal. You should still maintain a good balance of protein and vegetables, but you want to be adding in healthy fats like avocado, as well as 1-2 cups of quality carbs with each meal. You should be exercising for 45-60 minutes each day, and 3-4 of these sessions should involve you breaking into a sweat. At this level, you will need to get between 7 and 8 hours of good sleep each night. Limited your desserts and processed food to only once or twice a week, and only have one or two caloric beverages per week.

Think about which body fat range that you would like to get to and work towards that goal. If you are having problems with finding the motivation to get to the gym, take a look at our online personal training program. We tailor each package to each individual, and you have unrestricted access to our ERA Fit dashboard. Here you will find hundreds of workouts to do, as well as diet plans and contact with your trainer.