How Often Should You Visit Your Favorite Job Boards?

How Often Should You Visit Your Favorite Job Boards?


Job boards are the modern equivalent of classified ads. They are where employers go to post their open positions; they are where job seekers go to post their resumes and complete job applications. As a job seeker yourself, do you have any favorite job boards? And if so, how frequently do you visit them?

There is no hard and fast rule for determining how frequently you should visit job boards. Whatever seems appropriate to you is fine. But just do not make a decision off-the-cuff. Think things through. There may be some benefits to visiting your favorite job boards more or less frequently.

Your Reasons for Looking

There are two types of job board visitors: those who need jobs and those who don’t. People in the first category are either unemployed or expecting to be in the very near future. Those in the second category already have jobs they are comfortable with. They visit just to see what is out there.

The people behind the Pharma Diversity job board say visitors in the first category should probably visit on a regular schedule. They should treat finding a job as their full-time occupation. For the record, Pharma Diversity specializes in pharma and biotech jobs.

The Number of Boards You Use

Another factor is the number of boards you use. If you are only searching on a single board, you may have to visit more frequently. But if you are utilizing multiple boards, less frequent visits may be in order. Why? Because you are probably going to find many of the same jobs posted on multiple boards. Visiting every board every day would be redundant.

The Type of Work You’re Looking For

The frequency with which you visit job boards may be influenced by the type of work you want. Maybe you are in a highly specialized industry for which job postings are few and far between. Visiting job boards every day could be a waste of your valuable time. You might be better off contacting recruiters to see what they have to offer.

Things are different if you are looking for entry-level jobs in common industries. Such jobs tend to come and go on job boards pretty frequently. Visiting every day keeps you in the thick of it all.

Whether or Not You’re Signed Up

Though there are exceptions to the rule, most job boards allow visitors to sign up for accounts. A big benefit of doing so is getting daily email or text message notifications. You can set your search parameters so that you receive notifications whenever jobs that meet those parameters are posted. Receiving notifications means you do not have to go check every day.

Honestly, this is the best way to use a job board. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to return to the same board day after day just to scroll through hundreds of posts you saw yesterday. Signing up and receiving notifications is just a more efficient use of your time.

Use Other Resources

In closing, it is important to briefly talk about other job-hunting resources. Do not limit yourself just to job boards. They are a good tool, but they are not your only tool. Visit company websites. Many employers list job openings on their sites. In addition, contact recruiters and staffing agencies. They usually have very good leads.

A job board is a tool for connecting you with prospective employers. Use it like any other tool. Use a job board in whatever way works for you to maximum advantage. The frequency of your visits may or may not have anything to do with it.