How The CBD Suppositories Address the Bile Problem

How The CBD Suppositories Address the Bile Problem


Repetitive constipation is a problem that should not be underestimated. But regular use of laxatives, without changing your diet and lifestyle, is a path to nowhere. You have to deal with constipation differently. The CBD Suppositories can be heavily useful there.

Check how?

When can you say that you have constipation? The standard is a bowel movement from 2 times a day to 5-7 times a week. A few days’ deviation is not a cause for concern. Only when during the week the emptying occurs less than 3 times, we talk about constipation. It appears because weak muscle contractions in the colon slow down the movement of the stool when it approaches the rectum. Constipation is usually accompanied by abdominal pain and bloating.

Constipation: the cause is too lazy intestine

Intestinal passage is the time it takes for the food to be eaten to pass through the entire digestive tract. In an adult healthy person it usually takes less than 72 hours, although there is no ideal time to digest food. This is an individual feature that is often unrelated to the diet. Doctors dealing with this issue have noticed that the intestinal passage in women is longer than in men and with age is even longer. If no more than 72 hours pass between one and the second emptying, everything is normal. When time goes on, you can talk about a slow intestinal passage, which is considered pathology.

Women suffer more often from constipation

Trouble with regular defecation is every 2nd woman and every 4th man. Some people see this serious illness, but usually we owe it to us. Not all constipation must be a cause for concern. If it is related to travel, stress, diet or water change and lasts for a few days, there is nothing to worry about. The real trouble arises when the bowel movement is gone for several weeks.

Where to look for the causes of constipation?

The most common source of problems is irregular and incorrect nutrition, too little water in food, lack of exercise, abstaining from bowel movements and too frequent use of relaxants. Depending on the cause, we have problems with bowel movements:

Habitual constipation – their cause lies in our psyche, irregular lifestyle, everyday morning rush or reluctance to use public toilets.

Functional constipation is caused by disturbances in bowel function. It is not a dangerous condition, but it makes life difficult. The reason for this is poor diet or regular intake of medicines, e.g. strong painkillers, cardiac drugs and those used in kidney diseases.Constipation caused by diseases of the digestive tract or anomalies in its structure often accompanied by neurological diseases, hypothyroidism, metabolic diseases and muscles.