How to get perfectly augmented lips

How to get perfectly augmented lips


Some people are born with thin lips. Even with age, lips begin to lose their volume and become thin. If you love lipsticks, they can take the joy out of them. Who doesn’t love a fuller set of lips? A pout that can make you feel confident. Lip Flip Toronto is a cosmetic procedure that can help you achieve these lips. Not everyone wants big pouty lips. Most people have started to opt for subtle and natural fullness when it comes to lip augmentation. Lip Flip has brought about a revolution in lip augmentation procedures as it can help to achieve attractive fullness. That is done without using lip filler. We are here to tell you about this procedure that can help you to achieve natural-looking augmented lips.

How does the Lip Flip Botox work?

Botox lip flip makes use of the fast cosmetic injection which has been designed to roll the upper lip slightly outward. This is done so temporarily. Due to the rolling the pink part of the mouth, which is the mucosal tissue is exposed. It enables the lips to appear larger. The results achieved last for about 2 months. There is no visible incision or scarring.

In this treatment, only the superficial layer of the muscles present at the side of the upper and lower lips are targeted. It reduces the signals to the muscle that is present under the skin. This allows the deeper lip muscles to work as usual when the surface fibres are relaxing. The amount of botox used in a lip flip is lesser than what is used in other areas of the face. Due to the small dosage, it is also referred to as baby botox. As the results are short-lived.

How does it differ from a lip filler?

Lip fillers are made from Hyaluronic acid. These are thick and hydrating gels that can be injected into the lips. Fillers work to augment the lips by increasing the volume and hydrating the lips. The results last for about 4 to 6 months. As hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the body, it begins to break down and be absorbed.

On the other hand, Lip Flip is a botox. It has been medically designed to reduce muscle movement. This means that they don’t fill. Once it has been injected into the area above the upper lip in tiny doses, it stops the relaxation of the downward pull. In turn, it makes the lip curve back and flips outward slightly.

This is how both the products differ. Despite their difference in nature, they can be used together. Combining them can help you, achieve perkier lips, a fuller smile and improved symmetry. You can also choose to undergo only one cosmetic procedure.

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If lip augmentation is something that you’ve been considering, reach out to a cosmetic surgeon. Discuss your aesthetic goals with them and they will guide you to choose the best option.