How to Improve Concentration and Focus

How to Improve Concentration and Focus


Well, that is the million-dollar question! If you find that, for some reason, you are experiencing concentration issues – a lack of focus when you’ve slept well, an inability to concentrate on one thing for long – then you have a bit of a task on your hands sorting out the problem.

This is because it can be caused by so many things, and there are just as many things that might help. In addition to these though there are also other things that you could be unwittingly doing – or neglecting to do – and that also could be making the issue worse. It’s Complicated.

The issue of concentration and focus issues has the potential to be so complex, in fact, that it’s not really possible to give a quick fix here. However, there are general principles that lie behind having good concentration and managing your daily tasks with a self care journal. These are likely to be beneficial when applied – whatever is causing your concentration and focus issues.

Furthermore, what we definitely can say is that the causes of concentration and focus issues can be divided into environmental (or lifestyle) factors, and health factors. That then means that the solution could be to alter your nutrition, or it could be take a different daily strategy when dealing with your concentration issues.

Whatever that strategy might be, it is sure to be related to getting effective planning into your life. For many suffering focus issues, becoming a better planner could just change things around entirely.


And the point about planning leads us to another about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This is a condition that always causes some kind of focus or concentration issues, and the solutions for ADHD sufferers can often be translated into good advice for anyone with focus issues. Its advised to use an ADHD tracker in order to manage the attention.

For example, Next Level Daily, a company producing planning products for ADHD sufferers, advise that good notebook and planner can make the world of difference for anyone with concentration issues. Having a clear idea, set out in your personal luxury notepad, of what has to be done and whenwill make it easier for you to focus.

Becoming distracted and procrastinating happens because there are other stimuli competing for your attention (precisely what those with ADHD have to deal with constantly) and cutting all of that out with a clearly arranged task can help a lot.

Tips for Improving Concentration

So, here follows a list of further suggestions for solving your concentration woes:

Get Better Sleep

And, at this point, you visit a whole other article about how to do that! Nevertheless, if you suffer from focus and concentration issues, any sleep issues are highly likely to be the number one culprit.

Eat and Drink Right

There is much food and drink said to help with concentration. You can look up foods which are specifically good for this and make dietary changes. Things like the omega three in fatty fish, as well as several B and C vitamins are all related to concentration and focus. This could be just what you need.

Get Exercise

Exercise will improve your whole body over time, but it will also have instant effects. Tiring yourself out will help with sleep issues, and the endorphin release promoted by exercise is also good for concentration and focus. If you live a sedentary life, get moving.


We outlined this above, but it deserves another mention as absolutely the best way to change your life in order to make concentration challenges easier.

The advice given here mightnot lead you to the definitive cause of your concentration issues, but it is absolutely the best place to start.