How to Store Hemp Oil & Cannabis Oil?

How to Store Hemp Oil & Cannabis Oil?


The key to using hemp oils and CBD supplements for a long while lies in how they are stored. Although such medicinal compounds typically have a considerable shelf life, you can prolong it further without compromising on the freshness.

Compliant packaging is a popular and super effective method to keep hemp serums and other CBD products safe as it is in line with the national health and packaging standards. If you don’t wish to get into the technical side of storing hemp and CBD oil, you should keep the following tips in mind when looking for the right place and cannabis packaging supplies to keep your stock.

Buy Hermetical Cannabis Storage Jars

Moisture can damage weed buds, turning them stale and less potent. For this reason, drug experts recommend users keep their pot stash as dry as possible, which may not be entirely in one’s control because of the atmosphere. The humidity level in your surroundings can lead to excessive moisture in your cannabis holding vessel, affecting the quality of your supply. To avoid that from happening, consider buying airtight jars that don’t allow water vapours to weasel their way into your weed reserve.

Tightly sealable pot storage units are best at maintaining relative humidity around the pot buds, ensuring healthy longevity.

Keep Your Cannabis Supplements Away From the Light

The chemical compounds in cannabis responsible for the mind-altering, high-inducing effects of doing pot are called cannabidiols. These are psychoactive compounds that need to stay away from the sunlight; otherwise, they start to degrade- break down into smaller, much less potent elements. This means if you want to enjoy the high from your CBD goods, you need to keep them away from the sunlight.

The best choice of cannabis storage jars for this purpose is any UV-resistant glass container, like Medlock’s Child-Resistant Tamper-Evident Glass bottles. But remember, when we say glass, we don’t mean transparent vials as they expose their contents to sunlight. So, choose a tinted vessel that offers sufficient visibility without being completely see-through.

Store in a Dry Place

Maintaining temperature around a weed stash is essential to keep the buds fresh. Heat is detrimental to pot’s freshness and can lead to cannabidiol degradation.

So when it comes to storing hemp oil or cannabis derivatives, the best practice is to keep your supply in a cool place. It doesn’t have to be a fridge though, anywhere away from high temperatures is good enough. But if you live in a humid region where the regular atmosphere is already pretty hot, you can put your weed holders in the refrigerator. When you do that, your hemp oil will thicken, becoming a viscous liquid. Don’t be alarmed by that; place the container in a bowl of warm water and let it rest for a bit. Shortly after, you’ll have your smooth and velvety serum back.

Bonus Tip: be sure to keep your CBD goods away from appliances that radiate heat, such as the oven, heater, etc. Don’t forget to scan the surroundings of your weed storage jar, and if you see a heat-releasing gadget nearby, move your pot to a colder area.

Parting Thoughts

Sometimes following the proper stashing protocol can be a little confusing, and you might mix up the instructions. To save yourself from such a chaotic situation, let packaging experts help you. We, at Medlock, Canada’s leading cannabis packaging company, have all the best supplies for your pot products. Check out our list of items to find the ideal-sized jar for your hemp oil. If you have been employing DIY techniques to hold your weed, you might want to check it to ensure freshness.

Here’s a quick guide on the signs of weed gone bad. Be on the lookout for the following.

  • The first and foremost indication of stale buds is an unpleasant smell. If you can pick up an intense sour smell near your cannabis jar, it might be time to toss your stash out. While a change in odour is enough to tell you that your weed is no more usable, checking off another sign might convince you better.
  • Another change in your pot reserve that signals staleness is a colour change. If your hemp oil has gotten cloudy or appears to be a darker shade than before, you should reconsider using that lot.
  • Well, perhaps the most irrefutable sign that a cannabis stash has gone bad is a difference in the intensity of effects or a change in the impact altogether. If you don’t feel the usual high after consuming a dose or if you need a higher amount (than before) to get a particular level of intoxication, know that your stash has lost its potency.

A well-preserved supply of cannabis typically lasts more than a year- almost around 14 months. If your product has been on your kitchen shelf for longer than that, you should consider acquiring a fresh batch.