Is CBD Coffee Healthy? Here’s What You Should Know

Is CBD Coffee Healthy? Here’s What You Should Know


There is a trend of mixing coffee and cannabidiol (CBD) sweeping the US. While CBD is still a newcomer that many people are yet to explore, coffee has been around for centuries, and is only behind tea in the list of the most consumed beverages in the world. A staggering 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily around the globe, with intake in the US only amounting to about 18.5 gallons per year. That is nothing to sneeze at and it only shows how huge a part coffee holds in our world today.

Coffee is taken almost everywhere in the world, and different communities of people prepare and take their coffee differently. In Finland, for instance, they have kaffeost or coffee cheese, which is a combination of cheese and coffee. Italy has Espresso Romano while Mexicans are known for Café de Olla. All these have made their way into the US, and now, thanks to a craze that started in a Brooklyn restaurant, we have a new addition in CBD coffee.

If you are contemplating trying out this trend but are being held back by the fear of possible health setbacks, then this post is for you. If you have made up your mind already and are just looking for a genuine product to buy, you may want to check out Botanicam, which offers a variety of CBD edibles, including CBD coffee.

What are the health benefits of coffee and CBD?

Studies show that cannabis has several health benefits, pain and anxiety relief being some of the more common ones. Coffee, on the other hand, is revered for its stimulating qualities, but it has its health benefits too. Researches show that coffee users could be getting more from their favorite beverage than just a sweet, sweet aroma and that soothing feeling.

According to one study, people who drink coffee are less likely to die prematurely thanks to a reduced risk of kidney disease, diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, and other leading causes of death. Coffee is also believed to improve the body’s efficiency in glucose processing – the core reason why avid coffee drinkers are thought to be less likely to develop type 2 diabetes. Numerous studies have also linked caffeine to a reduced risk of developing Parkinson’s disease as well as better control of movements for those who have the condition.

CBD has an even longer list of health benefits, and the way it works in the body is a lot different from how conventional medicines and supplements work. In a word, the compound targets the endocannabinoid system, which is a network of cannabinoid receptors charged with enabling a number of physiological processes, including pain perception, pregnancy and fertility, motor control, memory, sleep, mood, digestion, appetite, and metabolism.

But, is there proof that CBD truly works? This is one question that most people can’t seem to get over. The strongest evidence that CBD actually works is in its use in curbing seizures experienced by people who have Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome.

According to a 2017 report, the compound also works for people with multiple sclerosis. The report also found that cannabinoid can help people experiencing chronic pain and other sleep-disrupting conditions find sleep and enjoy steady sleep cycles.

That said, most CBD users do it to treat conditions such as anxiety, depression, and pain. These uses are not backed by the FDA, but there are numerous studies providing evidence that the compound is actually workable for people experiencing the said symptoms.

CBD and Coffee is a Healthy Concoction

Most CBD coffee buffs only take it because they use cannabidiol and they love coffee, not really because they are aware of or even care about the health benefits of the combination. For them, CBD coffee is nothing more than a drink that has the great aroma and taste of coffee and the health benefits of CBD.

But, does CBD-infused coffee have any special benefits that CBD and coffee wouldn’t offer if they were taken separately? And is there a chance that some of the benefits of the two ingredients would conflict?

Well, given the whole CBD coffee craze started just recently, there are barely any researches focusing exclusively on the CBD-coffee combination. It is however believed that the two ingredients work in synergy, making them produce better results than they would if they were taken in isolation. There is also no proven possibility of effects contradicting as you would expect of a mixture of two compounds in which one promises alertness and the other supposedly improves sleep. Remember, besides making you sleep better, CBD has other effects on the body. Itimproves focus and concentration by increasing the flow of serotonin into your brain, which in turn reduces anxiety. Low anxiety means less distraction and improved focus.

The results you get from your CBD-coffee drink may be partly down to when and how you take it. If you take it in the morning just before setting out for work, you should not experience any sleep issues. The two ingredients should work together to deliver mental clarity and alertness while keeping anxiety at bay.


The combination of CBD and coffee is yet to be explored to the full satisfaction of health-conscious CBD-infused coffee users. However, with the constituent ingredients being compounds that have been heavily researched on and whose health benefits are well known, the chances of any real side effects are minimal. What’s more, the desired effects of CBD and coffee have been shown to complement rather than replace each other, which is exactly why anyone with any health-related objectives would be taking the blend in the first place. If you are looking for CBD coffee, just focus on the individual ingredients and how each one of them was produced. Has your favorite type of coffee been used? How was the CBD extracted and purified or who was it obtained from? Take your time to understand the product and buy only when you are satisfied with the ingredients in the mixture.