Is Dental Implants Safe For The Elderly?

Is Dental Implants Safe For The Elderly?


Older adults are curious to know about the safety of replacing their missing teeth with dental implants. However, aging is not a risk factor for the placement of dental implants. As far as the patient’s oral and overall health is good, they are eligible for receiving implants. In fact, a recent study shows that dental implants Sydney are safe for seniors. So, age has nothing to do with the success of dental implants for any age group.

Dental implants – An affordable solution for seniors

Poor oral hygiene can increase the risk of oral issues, particularly during the golden years However, with permanent teeth restoration like dental implants decay or tooth loss is no longer a great deal. In fact, implants allow the seniors to lead a quality life during their senior years. If a senior has healthy jawbone, he or she can receive implants without any hesitation.

It is a common misconception that the teeth implants are not suitable for seniors. While it is true for such concerns in previous years when implant technology was still in its early stages, now it has been developed, and implants are completely safe for elderly patients as well.

Some avoid implants due to the dental implants cost Sydney. But, when compared to the maintenance cost of traditional teeth replacement option like dentures, implants price is affordable.

Criteria for seniors to get cheap dental implants Sydney

Dental implants are a perfect choice for missing teeth. With implants, even a full mouth reconstruction is possible. Yes, a number of missing teeth is not a big deal. If you are an older adult, the only thing you should be concerned is you should have healthy gums and enough bone to hold the implant. And make sure you follow good oral hygiene habits and visit the dentist regularly.

However, if you have chronic and uncontrolled diabetes and other diseases that reduce the body’s immune system, you have to discuss with your dentist and then go for the surgery as there are high chances of implant failure.

No matter if you don’t have enough bone to hold the implant, the jawbone can be reconstructed through the process called bone grafting. But, keep in mind; the bone grafting procedure will incur an additional cost.

In short, dental implants Sydney are safe for seniors who are healthy. But, that doesn’t mean you cannot undergo this procedure if you are not healthy. The only issue is that it may take a longer time to recover completely than other patients.

Speak to your dentist

Your dentist is the right person to determine whether you are eligible for getting dental implants are not. So, fix an appointment, get your mouth evaluated, let the dentist know about your health condition, and finally decide to get implants.