Learning More About Invisalign Before Having One

Learning More About Invisalign Before Having One


Do you want to get the smile of your dreams? Then Invisalign might be the solution to all your worries. If you have been spending a lot of effort looking for the right dental solution to your crooked smile, then this is the right time to learn more about Invisalign. So here’s what you need to know about Invisalign before you decide for yourself.

Talk to Your Orthodontist First

When thinking about Invisalign, it is easy for some people to rule themselves out right away, even without talking to their dentist first. You would not know whether you are eligible for Invisalign if you do not have your teeth checked out by the experts first. Take the time to visit your dentist as soon as possible because there is a big chance that you will get a ‘yes’ to Invisalign instead of metal braces.

Fast and Efficient Dental Solution

Never think that Invisalign is the same as the traditional braces, and they only differ in appearance. However, the nearly-invisible aspect of Invisalign is one reason why some prefer to have this instead of metal braces. Do not forget that Invisalign works faster and is more efficient than braces. Some patients can see incredible results as early as 2 to 3 months.

Custom-Made Design

With Invisalign, you know that you are getting a custom-made design specifically for what your mouth needs. Your mouth will be scanned first, and the orthodontists’ lab will then create the aligners for you to change to every two weeks or so. It works like braces but is more efficient, faster, and more convenient.

Wear the Aligners All the Time

When you finally have the fitted Invisalign, your aligners need to be worn 22 hours a day. So you will have to eat and drink for a total of two hours within the day. No more drinking nor eating slowly. But this is a good incentive for some because they can skip the unnecessary snacking.

Brush and Floss More Seriously

Some people make brushing and flossing their teeth a no-brainer task to do two or three times a day. But with your Invisalign on, you must take these habits more seriously. You have to take the aligners off to eat or drink and brush and floss your teeth before wearing them again.

Learn How To Clean Aligners Properly

Your mouth is not the only thing that you need to clean regularly. Your aligner needs proper cleansing too. With Invisalign, you should not use toothpaste. It contains abrasive ingredients that can easily cause build-up and result in them turning murky and yellow. Instead, learn how to clean your aligners using mild cleaning products.

Invisalign is a bit new to many people with dental concerns. That is why it is essential to know more about it before jumping to a conclusion. Still, it is best to talk to your dentist and find out your options. The Invisalign might turn out to be the best for you.