Melt Your Stress Away At the Beach For Better Mental Health

Melt Your Stress Away At the Beach For Better Mental Health


Do you dream of a life that is free of stress? One where your depression and anxiety are not always high. If you answered yes, consider moving to the beach. Your mental health will thank you!

Perhaps you know someone that travels to warm states in the winter. These people have it figured out. Cold and bleak weather can really depress a person and bring their mental health crashing down. Yet, with a warm and sunny beach, life can seem perfect.

Florida is a great place for beach life. Clearwater Beach is a joyful area where you have a large variety of things to pick from to keep you busy. It is the perfect place for youngsters to the elderly. Like to boat or go fishing? Clearwater is where it is at! See yourself sunning on the beach while the kids build a sandcastle. This beach can make that happen. Or maybe you just desire to take walks at sunset or sunrise. Clearwater Beach is the perfect place for this.

Other fun activities that you may find beneficial to your mental health include helicopter rides, jet skiing, parasailing, stand-up paddle boarding, rollerblading, and cycling.

If you love sea animals, you may enjoy the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Here you will find sea turtles, dolphins, sharks, otters, pelicans, stingrays, and a variety of fish.

Speaking of dolphins, you may also find it relaxing to go on a dolphin cruise. Imagine seeing these creatures in their natural habitat, diving and frolicking about! If dolphins are not your thing, hop aboard a pirate cruise or a tiki boat cruise.

If you like to explore but tire easily, consider renting a Segway. These are a perfect way to get around the city while seeing all it has to offer. With your Segway rental, you will have a 2-hour guided tour on the 8-mile loop around the boardwalk, seeing many amazing sites.

Arts and crafts, as well as music, are a great way to decrease both depression and anxiety. Art shows, craft vendors, and more can be found in this area. Many festivals take place each year, with a large variety of music. Pier 60 has a nightly festival for performers and craft vendors.

If you like to eat, Clearwater Beach is a great place to experience food trucks. You can also find farmer’s markets too. Imagine getting all the makings for a beach meal, such as fresh watermelon, corn on the cob, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and more! Not only will cooking help get your mind off your depression and anxiety, but the food will be great for your mental health as well.

Not in the mood to cook? That’s OK too! There are many wonderful places to eat in Clearwater. With a wide variety of cafes, coffee shops, bistros, and restaurants, you are sure to find something everyone at your party will love.

Clearwater is one of the top 10 cities to retire in. Why not get there earlier and take advantage of all it has to offer? With so many opportunities, you will never run out of things to do!

If you plan on moving to the Clearwater area to help with your mental health, consider calling Advantage Mental Health Center.  Their highly trained staff is available to help you create a plan for your depression and anxiety while helping you get used to your new beach lifestyle.

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