Modafinil: FDA-Approved Brain Booster

Modafinil: FDA-Approved Brain Booster


Modafinil, largely known as Provigil, is a unique product known to treat chronic disorders such as fatigue. Modafinil has been on the market for more than 17 years now and is available in more than 20 countries globally. The product helps increase vigilance, improves reaction time and memory, decreases fatigue, and enhances mood and motivation. Its effectiveness has led thousands of people to purchase modafinil. Visit my site  to learn more about Modalert and how you can order.

Who Uses Modafinil

This amazing drug for mental-alertness promotion can be used by anyone. Gamers, sports enthusiasts, students, and professional executives purchase modafinil to improve attentiveness and performance. The effectiveness of Modafinil has led governments to purchase it for their space exploration, military, and medical programs.

Purchasing Modafinil online is very easy. It is a safe drug with minimum side effects, low abuse potential or addiction, and no recorded deaths.  Most Modafinil users are healthy and happy individuals. As of 2012, it was the only endorsed pill in the US Airforce. The French Foreign Legion, the Indian Air Force, the US Tactical Paramedics, and the UK Ministry of Defense were also using the product. Presently, even astronauts on board the International Space Station use this product to optimize their performance especially when fatigued.

Modalert and Modvigil: The Difference

Modafinil has been on the market for many years and producers have begun creating their own variants of the drug. Modalert and Modvigil have been shown to give almost similar results. This explains why most people think that the two are the same thing. However, this isn’t true since Modalert vs Modvigil are very different.

Although these two have similar ingredients, the quantities differ greatly. Additionally, there is a significant difference in the packaging. Modalert is packed inside a distinctive package that provides maximum protection to the pill against possible damages. Customers easily distinguish between the two through the packaging.

Why is Modalert so Popular?

Modafinil is clinically proven to promote wakefulness, boost motivation, enhance mental alertness, and enhance cognition. Many scientific studies available online have proven the efficacy of this product. More importantly, Modalert does not have significant side effects. Also, purchasing Modalert has become easier than before.

According to online user reviews, Modalert has the ability to increase wellbeing and enjoyment, especially when carrying out daily activities. With Modalert, you can get things done with greater accuracy and speed and almost effortlessly. All these reasons explain Modalert’s increased popularity in the recent years.

Is Modalert Safe?

Modalert is completely safe and doesn’t have major side effects. To date, more than 1,300 studies have been conducted to establish the efficacy and safety of this drug. The studies have shown that modafinil is highly-tolerated by humans. The fact that no deaths have been reported shows that modafinil is 100% safe. Going by user testimonials, the negative side-effects are significantly few. Moreover, there are countless online scientific studies that provide detailed information about the safety of this product.

The drug has minimum abuse potential and seems to be safe for almost everyone. Additionally, its rate of adverse effects is very low and so is its susceptibility to abuse. You don’t need to use coffee and energy drinks, which are filled with harmful caffeine, to stay alert and improve your performance.


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