Osteoarthritis in the knee

Osteoarthritis in the knee


Osteoarthritis introduction:

Osteoarthritis is a typical type of disease which creates inflammation, that is which creates uneasiness to the joints of our body. As it creates inflammation to the particular joint, the muscle which is around that particular joint can tear causing a lot of pain as it would be very tender in nature. Knee osteoarthritis is a condition where in the osseous matter inside the knee gets impure and causes problem while walking, while sitting and almost in every day to day activity.


Knee osteoarthritis is caused mainly due to heavy weight gain process, where in if a person does not develop healthy life cycle and tend to eat lots of fast food, junk food, food that does not have any nutritional value gains lot of weight and creates a problem for themselves. As the body’s complete weight falls on the knee in order to balance our walking pattern the cartilage between the joints of the knee gets disturbed by overweight as it could not manage creating a problem called osteoarthritis.

Another cause of this disease is lack of calcium intake though it may not directly effect this disease but if calcium intake is not sufficient then as a result the bones of our body tend to decrease their original bone weight as there wouldn’t be any calcium that provides joint stiffness.

However age also causes this disease, as elderly people tend to loose their cartilage of joints easily as the bones get scratched and osseous matter could not be developed so easily in elderly people when compared to the younger ones.


As we all know prevention is better than cure, always we should strive to keep our body healthy having good amounts of exercise and avoiding a kinds of junk foods that would spoil our body functionality. Our body is also a machine that is created with different parts just like mechanical machines. Here are few tips in order to control and eradicate this disease at home without much treatment:

   exercise is the best way to solve this problem as everything in nature wants to make its move each and every individual in this world in order to be healthy should take care of their own body to be away from all types of health issues.

If the problem aggravates by taking physiotherapy the solution might not be found but a relaxation to the pain may be done.