Questions to Ask When Picking the Right Fitness Class

Questions to Ask When Picking the Right Fitness Class


For many fitness enthusiasts, exercising in a group significantly increases motivation not to mention it adds enjoyment to any fitness program. A functional small group fitness training classes may be the thing for you but before you sign up, here are the questions to ask yourself when picking the right fitness class:

What are the training and qualifications of the instructors?

Keep in mind that functional small group fitness training classes are headed by qualified fitness instructors. You should see the credentials of the instructors at the onset because it indicates they have the right training and experience.

A trained instructor can effectively help you adapt to the movements and exercises according to your medical needs and fitness levels. With a trained instructor, there is less risk for aggravating or developing an injury. More importantly, a trained instructor can tailor your program to achieve personal fitness goals whether it is weight loss, endurance, flexibility or strength building.

What exercise activities interest you?

In the past, aerobic classes were the norm but today, there are many classes that you can choose from – kickboxing, step aerobics, strength training, low-impact aerobics, pilates, yoga, body sculpting, Zumba and many more.

Can you attend different classes?

In most cases, trainers agree to attend different classes. This is to make sure that the workouts vary to constantly challenge the body. However, it is best to ask the facility if they allow you to attend different classes.

Where is the class held?

You will likely be motivated to come if the class is in close proximity to your home or work. If the location is not convenient at all, you should turn the other way. Aside from the location, you should also check the timing of the classes. At the very least, it should not put undue strain on your already busy schedule.

How is the crowd?

The crowd can mean the difference between enjoyment and boredom. With this, it is important that you check the crowd before you sign up. If the class is popular, it can fill up the room in just 30 minutes. If you wish to join, this will mean early arrival. While exercising, you should also ensure that the class size does not yield a hectic, cramped and stress environment.

Are you welcome to observe a class or take a trial class?

Fitness studios and gyms usually cost more because of the facilities and equipment. So, before you sign up for a membership, inquire if they allow observation or free trial class. By trying the facility, you will have a good sense if it meets your needs or not.

How does the instructor mingle with the participants?

While in a class, you need to observe the instructor. Ideally, the instructor should inspire the accomplishment of personal goals and discourages competitive atmosphere.

Bottom Line

It is important for the class to be fun and invigorating so you will look forward to going. You should reflect first because if the thought of attending the class fills you with dismay, you will not probably going to stick with it. It is better to try several places and types of classes with different instructors until you find the right class for you.