Role Of Dentist In Your Oral Health

Role Of Dentist In Your Oral Health


If you are finding the best ways to improve your oral hygiene, no one other than a dentist can assist you in maintaining oral health by suggesting best practices. It’s overwhelming to know that oral diseases become a risk factor for causing several non-communicable diseases or making the condition worse. You need to pay special attention to your dental condition as it can affect your health for a lifetime with utmost pain and discomfort. No one will want this pain and associated problems dominating their lifestyles adversely.

Why Should You Visit Your Dentist?

Over 530 million children are affected with dental caries of primary teeth, as per studies. Research showed that nearly 3.5 billion people are suffering from oral diseases. People having periodontal or gum disease can lose their teeth if the issue remains untreated for longer.

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But the good news is these oral health problems are easily preventable if you take good care of your teeth. Many dental professionals at Medic8 Clinic suggest that you should get your teeth cleaned professionally every six months. Professional cleanings ensure that plaque is effectively removed after reaching every corner of the mouth where you can’t reach properly. You should know how a dental professional can help in maintaining your oral health. Read further to know.

  1. Diagnose the oral problem by asking and examining the symptoms.
  2. Address you with the best practices to promote oral health and disease prevention.
  3. Create a treatment plan to restore and maintain the oral condition.
  4. Conduct X-ray and other diagnostic tests.
  5. Assessing the conditions of growth and development around teeth and jaws.
  6. Scheduling the timeline for surgical procedures on teeth, bone, or soft tissues.
  7. Look for lumps, dwellings, ulcers, discoloration, or any other abnormality around teeth.
  8. Examine the muscles of the neck, jaw, tongue, or head.

How Can You Take Good Care Of Oral Health?

Well, visiting a dentist for a regular checkup helps to diagnose symptoms or problems at an early stage. In this way, you can save thousands on its treatment. However, you should start taking care of teeth by yourself with the help of the following most important ways;

  1. After brushing, you should floss at least once a day to remove food particles or plaque trapped in between the teeth.
  2. Focus on eating quality food. Avoid eating or drinking edibles that are high in sugar. If you eat either, brush your teeth before going to bed.
  3. Avoid smoking and alcohol. Smokers have worse teeth conditions than non-smokers.
  4. Use toothpaste that contains an adequate amount of fluoride as it strengthens tooth enamel and prevents tooth decay.


Many people in the world can maintain their natural teeth throughout their life because they take the best care of oral health. Not necessary; if you are having pain in your gums, then only you can visit the dentist. Visiting a dentist for regular checkups is a good way to maintain the best condition of oral health.