Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired? Here are the Causes and Solutions

Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired? Here are the Causes and Solutions


Are you feeling less energetic after a good night’s sleep? Do you have to make a cup of coffee in the middle of the day to keep up with energy demand? Well, we all feel tired at some point in life. However, if you are constantly feeling tired and sick despite not having an underlying medical condition, it could be more than not having enough sleep. Feeling sick and tired frequently could mean more underlying issues you might not suspect. The following are reasons you always feel tired and how to deal with the problem.

Lack of Quality Sleep

One primary reason you are feeling tired is a lack of quality sleep. You may be going to be there for a good eight hours, but your sleep keeps getting interrupted. Lack of enough sleep affects your overall health. When you are asleep, the body repairs and regenerates cells and releases essential hormones. That is why people wake up feeling relaxed and energized. Therefore, poor quality sleep leads to various health issues, including fatigue. If you have a prolonged problem of tiredness due to lack of quality sleep, it may be a good idea to seek help from a therapist Bend Oregon. Ensure you are getting at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep.


Stress is another known cause of fatigue. Chronic stress leads to stress-related exhaustion disorder (ED). This is a medical condition consisting of physical and psychological symptoms of fatigue. Chronic stress also causes functional and structural changes in the brain, which may lead to chronic inflammation. Working with a therapist can help find strategies to cope with and reduce stress.

Nutrient Deficiency 

If you have a nutrient deficiency, you could feel fatigued most of the day, even when you get enough sleep. Lack of iron, vitamin D and B12, folate, niacin, etc., is linked to tiredness. Therefore, you need to discuss with your specialist if you require tests for nutrient deficiency.

Too Much Caffeine

Even though drinks containing caffeine can give you an energy outburst, relying on them too much can make you feel more tired. That is because caffeine inhibits sleep, which can lead to fatigue. Therefore, avoid overusing caffeine to see if it will help improve sleep and energy.

A Medical Condition

Sometimes, the constant tiredness can be due to an underlying medical condition. It is advisable to visit a specialist and discuss the symptoms. Some health conditions that cause fatigue include cancer, kidney disease, sleep apnea, anxiety disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, and hypothyroidism. Understand that feeling exhausted all the time is abnormal. Therefore, seek proper treatment to feel better.


Hydration is crucial for giving you energy. However, the body’s biochemical reactions can lead to water loss that requires frequent replacement. If you are not drinking enough water, it leads to dehydration and later low energy levels and decreased concentration. You may also experience other symptoms like dizziness, thirst, headache, and fatigue. Therefore, ensure you drink the recommended amount of water daily to maintain hydration.

Alleviate Fatigue Today with Proper Treatment

Even if everyone feels exhausted at some point, constant fatigue could mean an underlying issue like the ones mentioned here. Therefore, if you have unexplainable fatigue, you should speak with your doctor to know the cause and the best solution.