Signs you need to see a Dentist

Signs you need to see a Dentist


Your mouth is an essential part of your body that needs your attention. In most cases, we develop dental complications because of poor oral hygiene and failure to go for a regular dental checkup. Unfortunately, most people ignore the red flags in the mouth, which indicates that they should visit dentists as soon as possible.

In this article, we address some significant signs that show you need to see a dentist. Read through to find out why you have persistent dental issues.

1. Sores on the tongue

Sometimes you could develop sores in your tongue that have been persistent for some months. If you notice a lump of a pale red patch on your tongue or a mouth sore, then you must raise the alarm. Sores on your tongue that take long to heal can mean you have some serious dental issues.

In some cases, sores and wounds on the tongue are signs and symptoms of infection from viruses or bacteria. Leukoplakia, canker sores, or candidacies are some common diseases you can be diagnosed with if you have sores in your tongue. You can only establish these if you go for a thorough medical checkup from a certified dentist.

2. You smoke Tobacco

If you are a regular smoker of Tobacco cigarettes, then you should see a dentist as often as possible. Tobacco contains nicotine, a substance that is responsible for discoloration of the tooth enamel. To prevent the impact of nicotine on your tooth, you should see a doctor for a prescription. Frequent use of tobacco can damage the teeth or even result to teeth breakages.

3. Foul smell coming from your mouth

This is another indication that you could be having some dental issues. If your mouth smells bad, then it could mean that you are not taking good care of your teeth. The smell is as a result of bacteria build up in the teeth cavity. In some cases, the bad breath could be resulting from lung infections, abscess, sinusitis, tooth decay, or gum disease. You should see a dentist if your spouse or those close to you complain about your bad breath.

4. You have a loose tooth

If you have a loose tooth, then you should see a dentist as soon as you can. Loose teeth can result from accidents. You can also develop a loose tooth if you are fond of using your teeth to chew hard food. Studies have shown that the ideal cause of loose tooth is gum disease. This means that if you develop a loose tooth, then you should plan for a dental checkup. Lose teeth is common in children below 8. To adults, it is treated as a dental complication.

5. Signs of wisdom tooth

Growth of wisdom tooth can be a big problem to many people. Sometimes the space at the back of your mouth is not enough for your third set of teeth to grow efficiently. This condition can cause partially impacted teeth, which attracts debris and plaque in the mouth. If you have any troubling teeth, it is essential to have them removed to reduce the danger of contracting other dental infections.


Ultimately, it is essential to visit your dentists as often as possible even if you feel everything is okay. Dentists have the experience to establish any hidden complications in your dental and recommend the right treatment. If you see any of the signs indicated here, it is time to go for a dental checkup from a certified dental healthcare facility.