Tell-Tale Signs of a Drug Abuse Victim

Tell-Tale Signs of a Drug Abuse Victim


How to Tell if Someone is High on Marijuana

In order to tell if someone is on drugs such as marijuana, the person in question loses motivation. People on marijuana have red eyes as well. So, if someone is bored, eating a lot, and has red eyes, chances are high they are on marijuana which comes from dried leaves of the hemp plant. Marijuana is ingested through smoking, water pipes, marijuana cigars, and hand-made cigarettes.  The Recovery Village: Marijuana

You can also have marijuana tea, or in food. While medical marijuana becomes more popular, what gets somebody high is the THC in marijuana. Just now, science is catching up to possible marijuana miracle cures. There are harder drugs out there compared to marijuana. All drugs are addictive because they cause relaxation when it wasn’t there.

How to Tell if Someone is High on Crack

Addiction symptoms include muscle tension and the heart beating faster. Narc Anon. Cocaine is either snorted up into the nose or smoked inside a crack pipe. People who smoke cocaine have a burnt finger or lip from a metal or glass crack pipe.

Crack users eventually need more of the drug, so they rely on crime to get them resources while in self-destruct mode. Women might become prostitutes while men become thieves. Physical signs of crack cocaine use include staying up late, doing way too much stuff because their brain is racing a mile a minute, as well as hallucinations and confusion. Some feel bugs are inside their skin. Other cocaine users delve into premature aging.

How to Find A Good Rehab Center

When addicted to something as severely addicting as cocaine, it is best to keep in mind that there is a difference between private rehabilitation centers and public, State-funded rehab. There are some rehabilitation centers that are only in it for the insurance money. One Health Advice

If the addict is missing work due to smoking cocaine, that is a problem that will haunt them until they get treated. Cocaine overdose can get lethal fast. Crack cocaine may cause intoxication and require hospitalization. Over-stimulation can cause the body temperature to go up. Crack cocaine gets addicting really fast.

How to Treat Addiction Withdrawals

Cocaine Withdrawal

Withdrawal is quite intense as an experience. Crack cocaine stimulates the dopamine reward system of the brain. Withdrawal symptoms include depression, fatigue, anxiety and strong cravings. There is an increased appetite and an increased need for sleep. The addict can get severe drug cravings and anxiety too as cocaine eases anxiety in a fake way.

Factors that Influence Cocaine Withdrawal

The extent of cocaine use becomes necessary to influence the process of recovery since extreme use is a possibility in many cases. How long the patient has been addicted is a huge component surrounding cocaine withdrawal as well. A factor in the recovery process is also whether or not the addict uses alcohol or other drug substances.

Post cocaine withdrawal signs include difficulty with short-term memory, mood changes including depression or anxiety. Difficulty sleeping is another symptom as is panic attacks and an inability to experience pleasure, which is called anhedonia. Triggers towards cocaine use can be social, emotional or being in environments where cocaine is found.