The Benefits of Waxing: Why It’s Worth It

The Benefits of Waxing: Why It’s Worth It


Body hair has always been something that people get rid of to seem well-groomed and beautiful. While having body hair is natural, it doesn’t adhere to the world’s beauty standards, which is why many men and women look for hair removal options to keep themselves hair-free. One of the most popular options for hair removal all over the world remains waxing.

What is waxing and how does it work?

Waxing is a simple technique through which body hair can be pulled out of its root and give your skin a smooth finish. Waxing uses hot wax which is applied to the hair. Then wax strips or cloth strips are rubbed over the layer of liquid hot wax. Once the strip is entirely stuck to the wax, it is pulled out. This not only takes off the layer of wax that was applied but also the body hair that was stuck to it. The force of pulling can remove the entire hair from its root, which is why your skin appears smoother after waxing.

While normal wax is used worldwide, the best wax for hair removal today is Rica wax and fruit wax as they are less painful and more effective at removing hair! But what really makes waxing one of the preferred forms of hair removal? It’s the several benefits you can avail from waxing!

Benefits of Waxing

1. Longer results

Unlike shaving, waxing pulls off the hair from its root which means that hair growth takes more time. So your smooth hair-free finish stays for longer when you wax!

2. Exfoliated skin

When the wax is pulled off, it not only removes unwanted body hair but also ingrown hair and dead skin cells. With the absence of dead skin cells, your skin will improve in texture and look smooth and supple. It is also believed that with this type of skin exfoliation, waxing can also help get rid of tan!

3. Lower chances of ingrown hair

Ingrown hair is hair that gets trapped under a layer of dead skin. Often ingrown hair can be bumpy and painful too. Waxing regularly can reduce the chances of ingrown hair and keep your skin feeling blemish-free and smooth.

4. Hair growth is finer and softer

Unlike shaving which cuts body hair, waxing uproots body hair and promotes the growth of finer, softer and lighter hair.

5. No razor burns or cuts

With shaving there’s always a risk of cuts, razor burns and infections. Waxing eliminates the chances of cuts and razor burns entirely.

6. It’s convenient

Most think that waxing can only be done in a parlour, but they are wrong. Waxing can be done at home if you have wax and strips. You can also choose cold wax strips to make things easy and more convenient.

7. Not harsh on the skin

Unlike razors which can cause razor burns, cuts and ingrown hair and hair removal creams which can cause skin reactions due to the presence of chemicals, waxing is less irritating on the skin. People with normal to oily and dry skin can have a pleasant experience with waxing and not worry about irritation at all.

Now that you know the benefits of waxing, you must also remember that waxing also has some disadvantages.

Since waxing uses hot liquid wax, it can cause burns, redness, swelling and irritation when not done right.

Waxing the same skin area 2-3 times to remove hair can destroy the skin layer and cause redness and burning sensations.

Waxing is not suitable for sensitive skin as these people can develop side effects very quickly.

The effects of waxing only last for a few weeks. So if you are looking for a more permanent solution, waxing might not be it.

Unlike shaving or hair removal creams which take a few minutes, waxing is also a time-consuming process.

Today, full body waxing also costs a hefty amount in a parlour. On average, a full body waxing treatment in a parlour can cost from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 3,000. If you are willing to spend that much money on waxing each month, then you can also explore makeO skinnsi’s laser hair reduction treatment.

Not only does makeO skinnsi’s permanent laser hair removal give you long-lasting results for months or years, but it also saves the time and money of all your future trips to the parlour. Within 6-8 sessions of laser treatment, you can notice your hair vanish! For well-groomed skin without constant effort, such a laser treatment could be the right solution for you. What’s more? makeO skinnsi also offers affordable EMI options for pocket-friendly laser hair treatment. Visit our website to know more!