The Importance of Dental Health

The Importance of Dental Health


Everybody is aware of the fact that our smile and our mouth are the first introductions that our body has for anything that comes across us. Bad breath or an ugly looking and foul-smelling teeth are the worst enemies that we can ever hope to encounter in our lives. On the other hand, a kind smile and healthy teeth can make some of the most difficult of jobs in our lives a lot easier. Many studies have also suggested that people with a healthy mouth are more likely to develop good relationships and are more enabled to get things done. The dental service providers all across the world have realized this importance and are also imparting the same education to their patients.

According to different conditions and cases, there are many dental procedures which are used to treat decayed, misplaced or diseased teeth. Versailles has laid down the types of dental treatment so that you can have a better understanding of all;


When teeth get discoloured, decayed or crooked, tooth bonding is the best procedure for the restoration of teeth. The advantage of tooth-bonding is the use of composite resin which is of the same colour as the colour of tooth enamel. It means crooked teeth can be treated as well as their original colour can be restored. Hence, in case of having tooth gaps or Aerial yoga hammock fractured teeth, teeth bonding treatment is the best option.


Braces are used to align misplaced or crooked teeth, and they are also beneficial to fix bite issues. In previous days, ordinary metallic braces were trendy, but today, they are a less-preferred option for teeth alignment because new and better technology has been introduced named as Invisalign.

People prefer Invisalign over metallic braces because they are invisible, comfortable, pleasant and removable.

Bridges and implants

When a tooth or tooth are missing, bridges and implants are the best way to make tooth-replacement. Bridges are crown consists of an artificial tooth, and implants are artificial roots used to replace the missing tooth. When it comes to dental implant treatment, Versailles is the best clinic of all.

Gum Disease Treatment

Teeth and gums are lost if tooth-infection gets worse and affect the jaw bone or gums. Gum diseases include different stages, including gingivitis and periodontitis.

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Gingivitis is the underlying gum disease which can be reversed whereas periodontitis is a more advanced and severe disease which requires expert dental treatment.

Root Canal Treatment

When tissues of tooth get infected, it becomes essential to carry out root canal treatment. The treatment includes the cleaning of the infection from the tooth, filling the cleaned area and then sealing it to prevent the disease from re-entering. Versailles is the only dental implant center which is considered best for root canal treatment.

Teeth Whitening

The colour of the teeth becomes darker with age, and there are various foods which make teeth get stains such as tea, coffee, berries etc. However, teeth whitening treatment helps tooth remain white as original and contribute to bringing a beautiful smile back.

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Other than the ways mentioned above, sealants and veneers are also some ways through which dental care is provided. However, for expert and affordable treatment.