The Legal Requirements to Get Medical Marijuana

The Legal Requirements to Get Medical Marijuana


The are various requirements to get medical marijuana From The Earth Dispensary Westside. All of them ensure that the patients only use cannabis when necessary and not because they want to enjoy it or forget about their problems.

Below are some of the requirements before buying medical marijuana:

  1. Make Sure That You Are 18 Years Or Above

Only patients who are above the age of eighteen can buy medical cannabis from Westside dispensary. The reason is that it’s only then that they are responsible enough to know what they want and accountable enough not to abuse it or give it to others who may abuse it.

  1. Make Sure Of Your Diagnosis

You can’t buy medical cannabis without a diagnosis. It’s better to go to a doctor, tell them about your problems and then get yourself diagnosed with an approved condition that is curable by cannabis. The doctors at any dispensary need to be trained in this area of study before they are employed to know the proper diagnosis.

  1. Have Your Medical Records Ready

The doctor or authorized staff will ask for your medical records. It is to check how long you have been dealing with that condition and what has worked best so far without causing any side effects. Some conditions may need particular marijuana strains to work with, and this information is helpful to find out that.

  1. You Cannot Give Medical Marijuana To Anyone Else

You are buying medical cannabis means that it’s only for your use and not for anyone else who isn’t above 18 years of age. If the doctor feels there is no problem with doing so, they will let you know your appointment date.

  1. Make Sure You Don’t Have A Criminal Record

Your criminal record may disqualify you from buying medical cannabis. If you have any kind of violent history, including theft, robbery, murder, and others, then the chances are that the doctor won’t allow you to buy medical marijuana.

The legal requirements to get medical marijuana are given above. Make sure you read them carefully before buying any marijuana from any dispensary.

If you cannot meet up to some of these requirements, it doesn’t mean that you will not be able to get cannabis treatment. There are many other options for cannabis-like products which you can try. Some of the products include:

  1. Cannabis Oils and Tinctures: These oils and tinctures are used for various purposes, including pain management, stress relief, sleeplessness, and much more. They only have the downside of not bringing about a high feeling in patients who use them to forget their problems which is why they work best as appetite stimulants.
  2. Capsules: Cannabis capsules are best for those who don’t want to smoke anything but at the same time need that feeling of getting high. All you have to do is take them orally, and they will break down in the stomach, releasing the proper dosage.

They are some in the market, and they are all meant to help you with medical marijuana treatment. Make sure you ask the doctor about them before purchasing any cannabis-based product.