The Mental Health Benefits of Running: A Simple Guide

The Mental Health Benefits of Running: A Simple Guide


In 2013, there were over 19 million active runners, and so many more keep joining them.

One reason that there are so many different people who are becoming runners is that they discovered the mental health benefits of running.

But what are they? Keep reading to find out!

Preventative for Cognitive Decline

If you’re worried about your brain deteriorating as you get older, you should start running.

It may not cure dementia or Alzheimer’s, but it can help to slow down the process if you’re older than forty-five.

If you’re under forty-five, you can boost chemicals in your brain that will help prevent the decline before it happens.

If you’re interested in enjoying this running benefit, make sure you check out this great guide to get all the right equipment!


Another benefit of running is that you will get a confidence and self-esteem boost. This is hard to find in other sports as well, and it lets the runner grow as well.

With every step, you’ll find more confidence in yourself not only physically but also mentally. It also helps you realize how much more capable your body is.

With constant physical exercise, you’ll also be able to tone your body and get into a good physical condition which can help your body image.

Relieve Depression

If you struggle with depression, aerobic exercise can help to reduce those symptoms.

Running can be helpful in addition to psychotherapy, this can help you get endorphins so that you feel happy. It will also help your depression because you may feel like you can’t accomplish anything.

But if you can battle your depression and go out for a run, you will show yourself that you are also capable of accomplishing tasks.

Productivity Boost

If you are feeling unmotivated but not exactly depressed, running can still help! Some studies have shown that if you run, you’re more likely to feel productive afterward because of all the endorphins running through your body.

It might be hard to find time for a gym session, but you’ll be able to get a lot of other stuff done afterward.

Relieve Stress

Lastly, it can help you relieve any stress you have. Pounding your feet on the pavement can be a healthy way to get out some of your stress and frustration.

Some runners also report feeling a “runner’s high” as if they did drugs or got drunk. Instead, it’s a healthy way to get some endorphins and feel better about all the stress you’re dealing with.

Discover More of the Mental Health Benefits of Running

These are only a few of the mental health benefits of running, but there are many more that you’ll be able to enjoy.

We know that starting a workout routine can be challenging, but we’re here to help you out!

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