Things You Should Always Discuss with Your Gynaecologist

Things You Should Always Discuss with Your Gynaecologist


Visiting an obstetrician and gynaecologist becomes essential to maintain a good feminine health. However, the fear of meeting the doctor along with a few misconceptions and anxieties can make it even more challenging to discuss the problems openly with your gynae. Listed below are a few health problems that you should always discuss with your gynae to avoid any potential health problems. Also, sharing the information below helps your gynae identify the source of the problem, thereby helping in treatment.

Gynaecological health:

Scheduling a day every year on your calendar to visit the gynaecologist is essential to know about your feminine health. Also, starting your gynae visit in your teens is necessary to get a baseline about any issues in gynaecological health.

Pelvic Exam:

In case any unusual growth or other changes have occurred in the uterus or surrounding organs, it helps in early detection. It also helps in detection of any sexually transmitted disease. Moreover, women suffering from abnormal discharge, menstrual disorders or perimenopause must have an annual check with the doctor compulsorily.

Issues of irregular Menstrual Cycle:

If you are suffering from an irregular menstrual cycle, it could be a sign of a major health problem. You must immediately consult a gynaecologist, and get an exam done. At times it may be difficult to personally visit the gynaecologist or get an appointment, in such cases you can also book an online consultation and talk about your problem. You can inform the doctor whether you are having a longer or shorter cycle or if you are bleeding too high or suffering from too much abdominal pain. It is important to explain to the doctor regarding any notable difference that you may have seen during your menstrual cycles.

Online consultations are available all over India with the Tier 1 cities at the best. But in case if you are searching for a good consultation at an affordable cost you may need to search for Tier 2 cities which provide online consultation. Majority of the time, looking for a gynaecologist and rather discussing becomes a stressful conversation. It is very important to discuss with the doctor you are comfortable sharing the issues with openly. One such place that has a renowned gynaecologist but at affordable cost is at Kochi. They have a specialty-trained team of doctors who provide high quality & protocol based treatments to patients. If you are in and around the city, or looking for a renowned doctor you can book an online consultation with the best gynaecologist in Kochi and get an immediate solution for your problems until you can personally visit and get an exam done.

Birth Control:

Those who are involved in active sex should visit a gynaecologist to know about different protection and the efficacy of the medicines. Even women who do not wish to get pregnant and do not want any complications in fertility either should consult a gynaecologist before starting any contraceptive pills.

Pap Smear:

This is a type of test which detects cancer or any other abnormal indicators. The test is now treated as mandatory when getting any gynaecological exam done as just the internal exam wouldn’t suffice and be able to detect any major complications. 

Painful Intercourse

If you are suffering from painful sex it could mean that something is wrong. To determine the source of the pain, one should consult a gynaecologist as they can diagnose whether the problem is physical or psychological.

Changes in Vaginal Discharge

Unusual discharge from your vagina could be a sign of an infection. An internal exam is the best way to determine the cause of the issue. Ignoring such problems or trying to self-treat this problem can aggravate the problem.

Urinary Issues

Another concern would be if you have painful urination or bleed during urinating. Although pain in the urethra or blood in urine is not a serious medical condition, visiting a gynaecologist would help you know the reason and get better treatment beforehan

Maternal Healthcare

If you suspect of being pregnant, it is necessary to visit the OB/GYN immediately as it’s wise to visit the doctor at the beginning to ensure good maternal health. Gynaecologists during Covid have also taken online consultation for ensuring seamless maternal health.

You can enhance your health and lifestyle by visiting a gynaecologist. At times few problems can be cured even with a lifestyle change and need not require visiting the doctor personally. Although getting a test done to rule out any complications is recommended, sometimes few problems can also be resolved by online consultation. The review of Kochi hospitals and its doctors regarding online consultation is quite impressive. You can book an appointment for the best gynaecologist in Kochi and schedule a video call and get immediate attention to your problem, only if the condition persists you would have to visit the doctor personally, which is very rare. You can contact the team through their website and schedule an appointment or check the reviews of the doctor that you’re planning to book an appointment for.