Types of Covid Test and their Significance

Types of Covid Test and their Significance


As the pandemic has arrived in our country, the need for the COVID test arose simultaneously. There are several types of tests being conducted by both the government and private hospitals. The government has almost made the COVID testing process free of cost or at the minimum price. These tests help a person to stay alert and remain in isolation for the treatment and the most important thing is that it doesn’t spread to other members of the family and even society. You can easily get tested for COVID at all major cities in India such as COVID test Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai, and more.

Various types of tests for the detection of Coronavirus in the human body

Here is a list of tests available for the identification of COVID:

● Real-time reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT- PCR) test

This test has the highest sensitivity rate of 70%, meaning that out of 100 tests, only 70 people having symptoms will get positive results. It detects the genetic symptoms of the virus. In this test, the samples of the nose and back throat are taken and tested in the laboratory. The results of this test generally take 24 to 48 hours. This test may be expensive as the chemicals and tools for testing are costly but it gives the best accurate results. It is easily available across different cities in India and you can get COVID test Gurgaon and in other areas.

● Rapid Test

This type of test is also the same as the RT-PCR test. It detects the antigen virus in the human body. This test takes the least time for processing. If you are having symptoms of the virus immediately you can detect whether you are positive or not. The utility of this test is that it only takes 15 to 30 minutes for the results of the COVID-19 test but it does not give many accurate results. Rapid tests are required in a country like India where the population is almost 130 crores. It tests the presence of the virus in a few minutes and helps authorities to take action regarding the same to control the spread of this virus. The sensitivity of this test is only 30%. Out of the 100 people having COVID this test only detects 30 people having the virus. So even after this test if you have the symptoms then you need to do an RT-PCR test for confirmed results, for which you can get tests such as SpiceHealth’s Covid Test in India. It is available in all cities as a COVID test Gurgaon and other places in India.

● Nasal Aspirant Test

This is also quick testing. This test can make you feel a little discomfort but it’s not painful at all. The samples are collected from the back throat and nose and are tested in the laboratory which makes it easier to detect the virus. The results are sent to the doctor or consultant for treating the disease. You can find this test as COVID test Gurgaon and other Indian cities.

● CT Scan

CT Scan is generally used for measuring the level of damage done by the virus to the lungs. If the lungs are not infected then normal treatment of isolation can be done or else the person may need to urgently get hospitalized for further treatment. The CT scan should only be done after consulting with the doctor. Mostly it is not preferred by doctors but in case of severe illness, it is mandatory.

● Antibody Test

This test helps to know whether the body has adopted antibodies as a part of your immune response or not after taking the vaccination or after being cured of the COVID-19. In this test, only blood samples are taken for the process of results. After this COVID test in Gurgaon or your own city, you need to consult your doctor for the interpretation of the results. Even after this test, you have to continuously follow the guidelines given by the government such as maintaining social distancing, wearing a mask, using sanitizer, and more.

In the pandemic times, it is best to follow precautions and stay alert to keep yourself and others safe. All you need to do is to follow protocols such as maintaining social distance, wearing a mask, using alcohol-based sanitizer, exercising daily, and eating healthy food to stay safe and healthy.