Types of Mattresses and Beds for Every Sleeping Need

Types of Mattresses and Beds for Every Sleeping Need


There’s no denying the 7-9 hours when you’re sleeping is one of the most important parts of your day. Sleep is when the body and brain go into repair mode.

These days there are mattresses and beds for everyone whether you are a light sleeper, need extra firm support or plenty of room to stretch out with the kids. Here’s a look at some of the most popular options:

Types of Mattresses

When you lie down to sleep each night nothing is more important than your mattress. Many factors go into choosing the right one, but you can start with deciding which type of mattress will work best.


Sometimes you like your mattress firm, and other nights softness is what you crave. You also may want to lie with your head or feet slightly elevated rather than lying flat on your back. Or maybe you’d like to adjust how cool the mattress feels based on the season. These moments call for an adjustable mattress.


We’re all familiar with the common mattress sizes: twin, full, queen and king. But there’s another mattress size that’s becoming more popular. A family mattress is the largest option on the market. At 84” x 144” x 14″ it’s close to double the size of a king bed.

Memory Foam 

Tempur-Pedic put memory foam mattresses on the map. This type of mattress is made of a dense foam material that molds to the body. It helps evenly distribute weight and offers great support that’s still very comfortable.

Types of Beds

For centuries people have been crafting beds to fit different spaces and needs. Most people opt for something very standard – mattress on a frame with a headboard. However, that’s far from the only option.

Metal Beds

A metal bed is a classic choice that can last for years. Buying a metal bed is typically more affordable than a wooden option, and it can be just about as durable. Metal beds come in a variety of finishes and the styles range from simple to very ornate.

Canopy Bed

If you want to make a grand statement in the bedroom, a canopy bed will do it. These four-poster beds have a frame around the top that allows you to put decorative fabric all the way around the bed. The design also allows for more privacy and helps block out the light that comes through windows.


A daybed is very versatile and great for guest rooms and kids rooms. It is similar to a sleeper sofa in that there is a twin mattress with a surrounding frame that can be used for lounging or sleeping. Underneath there’s another twin mattress that pulls out and pops up to create a queen size bed.

Bunk Beds

If you have young children that share a room you’ve probably considered bunk beds. They are real space savers since two twin beds are stacked on top of each other. You just have to be careful about the construction and quality. Only purchase bunk beds that are very well-made so there are no safety concerns.

How Do You Know Which Mattress is Right for You?

So which mattress and bed are the best fit for your bedroom? There are three things you can do to figure that out.

Measure the Room Size

First and foremost you have to make sure the mattress and bed will fit well in the room. Measure out the dimensions of the room and give yourself at least two feet on all sides (four feet on the side with the door into the room). If you are thinking about a canopy bed or bunk beds also measure the height of the room.

Consider Your Special Needs

Since sleep is important for your health, you want to make sure the mattress fits your needs. It needs to be comfortable and provide support, but consider special needs as well such as elevating your feet.

Test Out Beds in the Store

You can buy a lot of things online, including bed frames. But when it comes to mattresses you should test them out at the store first. That way you really know what they feel like and if they’ll be comfortable enough.