Wet Socks to Cure a Cold?

Wet Socks to Cure a Cold?


Sometimes, naturopathic medicine exists at the very cutting of edge of science and technology. Of course, this does not mean that naturopathic remedies have become synthetic (the whole point is to avoid that) but simply that the extraction processes for natural supplements are highly refined and that the research into the potential benefits of certain naturopathic medications have been extensively researched and are known to work. Truly, naturopathic medication is at the crossroads of cutting-edge science and the simple bounty of the natural world.

Kiya Longevity, one such naturopathic health company combining the latest telehealth innovations with natural remedies, say that constitutional hydrotherapy is one naturopathic remedy that is actually nothing more complicated than exposing the body to both hot and cold water. This helps to stimulate the body in a particular way, inducing a range of health benefits.

What is Constitutional Hydrotherapy?

But what is constitutional hydrotherapy, and how specifically does it benefit the body? It is all to do with the benefits of exposure to hot and cold at the same time. Each have their benefits, but there is a synergy between the two. The water part is only to do with the means of application of hot and cold. The reason for this is that water is safe to expose the body to and its liquid state allows it to completely surround whatever part of the body it is being applied to. In other words, the water is merely the best means of delivering the hot and the cold.

Hot water naturally warms the skin and brings blood up to the surface, helping to release heat. Cold water, by contrast, shunts the blood away in order to keep the inner regions of the body warm. Both are useful effects for several cold-like infections, as one of the major symptoms of these is temperature irregularity and things like fever.

The application of both hot and cold, therefore, is all about getting the blood moving, which helps bring the body to a more normal temperature. This alleviates certain symptoms, but where constitutional hydrotherapy really has a benefit is in its ability to get the lymph moving around the body more efficiently. Lymph contains the cells that fight off infection, and so constitutional hydrotherapy is a means of giving it the best chance to do so.

Conditions That Can Be Treated with Constitutional Hydrotherapy

Constitutional hydrotherapy is particularly useful for dealing with inflammation, infections in the throat, neck pain, ear infections, headaches, nasal congestion, respiratory infections, bacterial infections, and even things such as sleep disturbance. It is all down to the twin benefits of regulating temperature and getting blood and lymph moving around the body more efficiently.

The Wet Sock Method

So, if you would like to try constitutional hydrotherapy then you can do it yourself at home. The trick is to take a pair of thin cotton socks and then soak them completely in cold water. You can even place them in the freezer to enhance the cooling effect. Then, you should bathe your feet in warm water in order to apply the heat. After that, dry off your feet, wring out the cold, wet socks and put them on. Then, to ameliorate excessive chill, put a second pair of thick woolen socks over the wet ones. Then, head off to bed and reap the benefits thereof.

This method really can be effective against all the aforementioned conditions, and it really is a perfectly valid form of constitutional hydrotherapy. And it could just be the key to getting rid of that cold quicker.