What are the benefits of having private medical cover?

What are the benefits of having private medical cover?


People have begun to focus on their diets and working out with the increasing awareness of health. However, what most of us tend to forget are the injuries and illnesses we may suffer from in the future. Private medical covers help us consider these unexpected situations.

This article will explain to you the benefits of having private medical insurance.

Private Medical Insurance- What is it?

Private medical insurance refers to the policy that covers the costs of treatment of a majority of illnesses and injuries. These may include fractures, acute conditions, etc.

The costs of the covers vary according to the kind of policy an individual opts for. These types are:

  1.     Basic- This policy includes all the expenses of treatment and related costs while an individual is an inpatient at the clinic or the hospital.
  2.     Medium- This type of cover includes outpatient care and inpatient support.
  3.     Comprehensive- In addition to inpatient and outpatient costs, this kind of cover includes other treatments that involve consulting a specialist, like mental health care.

Benefits of having Private Medical Cover

If you are not yet convinced to buy private medical insurance, then the following benefits will definitely lead you to an insurer. These will not only explain to you the advantages of private medical insurance but also make you learn why opting for it is better than relying on the state’s facilities.

#1: Options

The people who rely on facilities provided by the NHS (National Health Services) are bound to certain things. They do not get the option to choose their General Practitioner (GP) or consultant. Moreover, they are allotted the hospital, too. In contrast to this, private medical insurances provide people with a variety of choices regarding where, when, and from whom they get their healthcare.

#2: More Individualised

The experience that an individual gets at a private hospital or clinic is more personalised and customer-friendly. This means that you:

  • Will get a specialist team that is assigned to you in case of challenging medical conditions
  • Will get more time to talk to your GP or physician
  • Will have to spend less or no time in the waiting room

#3: Better Care Quality

While the facilities of NHS are typically acceptable, the private hospitals and clinics tend to be cleaner. The individuals who get treated in private such places get to enjoy the facilities like satellite TV, private room, less restricted visitation, en suite bathroom, etc. Furthermore, since these clinics and hospitals are usually cleaner, the possibility of further infections and complications decreases.

#4: Less or No Waiting Time

Over a million people wait for care at a time at the NHS. This results in rising waiting periods. While some people’s lives rely on the treatments they are waiting for, others are looking to consult a specialist. In contradiction to these patients, the people who opt for private medical insurance get the earliest possible care.

This elimination of the waiting time means that the person will be treated in time unlike the ones waiting at the NHS whose illnesses may even worsen.

#5: Right to Use NHS’s Private Patients Units

Although the healthcare facilities of the NHS differ broadly, the private patient units are unparalleled. The people who are treated at these units get:

  • Faster access to specialists
  • Quicker treatments
  • A higher standard of care
  • Private rooms

If you think that having private medical insurance means being treated at the private hospitals and clinics only, then you are wrong. You will also be considered as a priority when you go for government-funded facilities if you opt for the policy.

#6: Peaceful Mind

Even though the NHS healthcare services have proven to be very efficient, there are some instances when they have failed. In contradiction to this, the private healthcare facilities and services have turned out to provide the patient with the tranquillity of mind. This is because the patient is well aware that they are getting personalised treatment.

#7: Way into the Best and Newest Procedures

While approval of new testing methods and innovative procedures typically takes time in the NHS, private clinics and hospitals adopt these advancements quicker. Hence, if you have private medical insurance, you are likely to be treated with advanced methods. Moreover, it would be difficult for you to deal with your illness or injury if the treatment you require is not approved by the NHS.

#8: More Facilities are offered

You might now be well convinced to go for private medical insurance. However, the above-mentioned list of the benefits is not complete yet. Following are more advantages that you would get if you have private medical insurance:

  • Private rooms
  • Specialist drugs and treatment
  • Specialist referral
  • Scans
  • Tests
  • Physiotherapy
  • Choice of hospital or clinic

Types of Private Medical Insurance

Various kinds of private medical insurance are available. These are as follows:

  • Joint Medical Insurance (of two partners)
  • Child Medical Insurance
  • Family Medical Insurance
  • Individual Medical Insurance


Private medical insurance may seem to be costly if you consider the total amount of premiums that you pay. However, in the long term, they prove to be extremely beneficial. Not only does an individual get timely services but also facilities that are personalised.

Opting for private medical insurance would be a great decision to make for both, you and your family.