What Is Hypnobirthing? Everything You Need to Know

What Is Hypnobirthing? Everything You Need to Know


Childbirth has evolved over the years, and nowadays, it is more than having a hospital or home birth decision. Today, there are tons of options for pregnant women to choose from and decide how they want to have their baby, and hypnobirthing is one of them.

More and more moms are turning to this birthing technique, especially because it does not involve any medication.

It also gives a complete reassurance of getting through the labour and childbirth peacefully in a less traumatic way. If you wonder what hypnobirthing is, here is everything you need to know.

What Is Hypnobirthing?

It is an educational self-hypnosis program that teaches pregnant mothers and their partners the use and importance of deep breathing techniques, relaxation, visualization, and affirmation.

This helps them get into a relaxed stage during the labour process and even childbirth. In addition, it decreases the pain of labour that can become overwhelming at the time.

Who Can Use Hypnobirthing?

All women giving birth can use the hypnobirthing method. However, it is highly recommended for first-time moms, women who have suffered traumatic childbirth before, and women dealing with overwhelming anxiety surrounding the childbirth.

It is also the best alternative for mothers who want a no-medicine birth. It helps manage the labour pain by guiding you through the breathing process and gets you to visualize a successful birth process for your child. This gives a lot of relaxation in the end and assurance for the mother.

What Happens During Hypnobirthing?

When you hear about hypnobirthing, many people think that the mother will be in a sleep state or lost in some imaginary world, which is not true.

With hypnobirthing, the mother will be awake and conscious and aware of everything in their surroundings. They can chat, walk, sit or even sleep.

What hypnobirthing does is give the mother full control of their body and what is happening. As a result, the mother becomes relaxed and tunes out any negative concerns and feelings.

When the atmosphere is calm and relaxed, it becomes easy to experience childbirth free from any tensions or fears.

What are the Advantages of Hypnobirthing?

Research shows that mothers who use hypnobirthing techniques experience reduced labour pains and labour periods. They have decreased use of epidural and gas, low cesarean sections, and improved emotional satisfaction compared to the general population figures.

With hypnobirthing, you do not have to believe in anything spiritual-related. All you need to do is visualize what you would want to happen, relax, mind your breathing, and you are good to go.

Most couples are always skeptical before starting the classes but end up loving the process after understanding what it involves.

Why Use Hypnobirthing?

The Hypnobirthing method guarantees a less painful experience and a reduced labour period. You will have less reliance on pain relievers, and it is perfect for any childbirth you are planning. Whether hospital, home, birthing pool, or birthing center, you can always use this technique to help you achieve the best outcome.

You can enroll in antenatal classes during the pregnancy journey and learn how to carry out the techniques. A lot more takes place in these classes than just hypnobirthing lessons. Women also get to learn how the uterus works.

Then, when your time is due, the hypnobirthing teacher will guide you on how to be in control of your birthing process rather than leaving the midwife or doctor to take control.