What to Look For When Choosing an Intraoral Camera

What to Look For When Choosing an Intraoral Camera


An intraoral camera is one of the essential items required for dental practices. Since there are lots of options available, choosing the best one can be challenging.  Here are some factors you should consider while shopping for the best intraoral camera for your dental clinic.

Image Quality

The quality of the image an intraoral camera provides goes a long way in increasing the accuracy of the dentist’s diagnosis. The features of the camera that enhances quality image output are auto white balance and auto illumination. The resolution of the camera must also be high to avoid pixelation than can distort the image when viewed on a large screen. The best intraoral cameras would capture quality images that are crystal clear and sharp. It is better to have a high-quality image because there is no easy way to improve small-sized, low-quality ones. Such a picture would look blurred on big screens.

Quality Support and Installation.

Technical support does not readily come to mind while shopping or an intraoral camera, but the need becomes apparent over time. What happens when you encounter technical glitches while trying to install the device?  You would definitely need a professional support staff to help you through the process. Some dentists may find it convenient to connect boxes and cables to get their equipment functioning, others may not find it easy. So access to the company’s support technician is an essential factor you must consider before buying an intraoral camera.

The Capture Button of the Intraoral Camera

An excellent intraoral camera should position the capture button in an easily accessible position. This feature is essential for snapping images accurately, no matter the orientation of the camera while it is in use. For instance, some intraoral cameras have a swipe function for taking pictures. Such a feature makes it easy to operate the intraoral camera and delivers a more precise image. Moreover, clicking a button to snap a picture might shake the camera slightly, making the output blurred. So, the ability to capture images easily and precisely is a feature you should check before buying an intraoral camera.

Quality of Design

The camera design may not influence the quality of image output, it affects other crucial factors such as weight, and durability. A camera with a study frame would last longer than a fragile one.  Make sure the camera is lightweight because heavy cameras are difficult to operate the camera safely.

Check the Warranty

To be candid, the top-quality intraoral cameras are costly.  Take good care of them to prevent wear and tear. Also, make sure your purchase is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty for factory defects and other malfunctions. Take advantage of an extended warranty for the camera if the offer is available. Such as warranty would protect you from the liability of repairing the device if it got damaged.

A Final Note

Various types of dental procedures require the use of intraoral cameras. It even inspires your patients to believe in your ability to solve their health challenges. So, it is a worthwhile investment. However, you should do extensive research before purchasing an intraoral camera so you can get the best value for money.

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