When is it okay to not wear a condom?

When is it okay to not wear a condom?


There are very few times when not wearing a condom is acceptable. At other times, don’t proceed to have sex without it.

Should you wear them or leave them out of your sex life? The use of condoms is non-negotiable, save for certain situations.

When it’s okay to not wear a condom…

* When it’s your first time having sex…Some couples want their first sexual experience to be au naturel, without a condom taking away the skin-on-skin contact that they crave. They reason that the woman can take an emergency contraceptive pill after sex, or go on some form of birth control prior to having sex. But be sure to do this only if both are clean and do not carry any sexual infections.

* When either or both partners are on birth control in a heterosexual relationship. Men can opt for birth control measures like a vasectomy or a birth control injection. The former is a permanent method of birth control – it blocks sperm from entering the semen – and the latter is a temporary measure reviewed every few months. Women can get a UID inserted inside the uterus, or take birth control injections every three months, or go on the pill. When these measures are in place, there is no need to use a condom during sex between partners that do not have any sexual infections.

* When you are trying to get pregnant. The primary job of a condom is to prevent unwanted pregnancies. So, you wouldn’t need it if you are trying to have a baby.

At all other times, do insist on wearing a condom

It is astonishing to note that there are so many people who still believe that condoms are not necessary for sex. In fact, they not only protect you from unwanted pregnancies and the transfer of STIs, but they also enhance your pleasure during sex.

For instance, you can wear dotted and ribbed condoms that give the woman a lot of sensual pleasure upon vaginal or anal penetration. Meanwhile, there are performance enhancing condoms that prolong orgasm for the man, so both partners can go on for longer.

The best कंडोम are pre-lubricated and strong enough to withstand even rough sex. So you can just wear it and get on with your love making, without having to worry about unwanted consequences – and who wants to worry when they’re getting some exciting action?

If either partner is unhappy about using a condom for sex, it is best not to proceed further. It is meant to safeguard both partners during sex, and pleasure cannot come at the cost of sexual health. You might think that the ‘withdrawal’ method might work best – but it leaves both partners vulnerable to infections and pregnancy. Though the ejaculate might be removed outside the woman’s body, the pre-ejaculate fluid (meant to provide lubrication for the man prior to penetration) may also contain sperm. These sperms can make their way to the cervix and uterus, and cause pregnancy.