Why The Hurom High-Performance Juicer Is So Famous

Why The Hurom High-Performance Juicer Is So Famous


In an age of busy schedules, fast-food, and instant online information, people have become more concerned with the kind of gasoline they put into their cars than what they put into their own bodies. Our beautiful planet Earth provides exactly what is needed to give the body precisely what is required to fight disease and provide optimal health. Contained within the plethora of natural fruits and vegetables to choose from on this planet, are important vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and special particles that fight damaging free-radical cells maliciously positioned within that are known to cause cancer.

Many people do not like eating raw fruits and vegetables, and therefore never consume them. That’s why juicing has become so popular as of late. In their liquid form, fruits and vegetables give just as many vitamins and minerals as in their solid-state, but the liquid is even better by making them easier for the body to absorb.

There are two types of juicing that can be done depending on the technique used:

  • Conventional Centrifugal Juicing This involves using sharp blades, quickly revolving to grind up fruits and vegetables. In the process, they get heated up and the resulting oxidation ruins all the delicate nutrients. This type of juicing doesn’t liquefy leafy greens as well, and the solid pulp left behind makes cleaning the juicer difficult to clean.
  • Cold-Pressed, known also as Slow-Juicing his works by pulverizing and squeezing fruits and vegetables to extricate the highest, most-concentrated quality juice possible. There is no heat involved to damage the vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients so this is the healthier technique of the two.

Since cold-pressing, also known as slow-juicing, is more effective we will explore more about this option and how it works. This method actually acts the same as a human hand squeezing each fruit and vegetable, like in the good old days. Because no heat is present, the enzymes remain that slow down disintegration allowing the juice to be kept longer. More pulp remains using this method making the juice thicker, more satisfying and helps to aid digestion. Most of these juicers run very quietly so there is less noise waking people up in the morning.

By far, the best cold-pressing/slow-juicing appliance on the market today is the Hurom. There are many benefits of juicing from Hurom  because its juicer is simple to use, take apart, clean and reassemble. It comes with an important precautionary feature to ensure the machine shuts off immediately when the reservoir is opened to prevent injury; this makes it safe for kids to have fun using the Hurom too! The most recent model also has a reservoir to add cut-fruits and vegetables together instead of one by one. Another big perk of this juicer is that it can even break down nuts to fine particles to make milk, such as almond milk. Each Hurom juicer comes with a 10-year warranty and all pieces used in assembling it are always quality-assured by a thorough examination.

As higher quality gas makes a car run better all around, so does the fuel people allow into their bodies-in essence, bad choices cause problems for both our cars and our bodies. The benefits of juicing from Hurom is a terrific way to efficiently fuel-up and stay healthy. And for those who hate eating raw fruits and vegetables, drinking them is an alternative they can live with–one that just may change their lives!