5 Interesting Facts about Dental Implants You need to Know

5 Interesting Facts about Dental Implants You need to Know


Dental implants are a revolutionary invention in the field of dentistry. Before dental implants were introduced, removable dentures and fixed bridges were the only solutions available for replacement of missing tooth, However, users had to endure a great deal of discomfort when using them. On the other hand, dental implants are loved by everyone as they offer great comfort, and act as an instant solution for resolving tooth problems. Here are 5 interesting facts about dental implants in Melbourne you need to know:

Dental Implants Look and Feel Natural:

People are often concerned about the appearance when it comes to tooth solutions. Apart from the reasonable dental implants cost in Melbourne, one of its perks is that they are customisable to make them look exactly like your natural teeth. They mimic the appearance of your real teeth in a way that they could not be easily noticed by others. Besides the natural appearance, they also work and feel like natural teeth. Without discomfort, dental implants will be fused to your bone after the procedure.

They have a High Success Rate:

Dental implants have a high success rate in general. The success rate of dental implants depends on the health of individuals and other factors such as jawbone density, lifestyle, and more. Dental professionals will be able to find a way to make dental implants work for everyone. They have a success rate of over 95%.

Eat without Worries:

When using other dental solutions such as dentures, chewing of hard foods is not easy. Since dental implants work like natural teeth, you don’t have to follow any dietary limitations. You shall eat all kinds of your favourite foods with ease and without any extra effort.

Dental Implants Protects your Healthy Teeth:

Dental bridge is one of the most popular solutions for replacing missing tooth. However, this comes with the necessity to cut parts of your neighbouring teeth to make the bridge balanced. This isn’t necessary when you use dental implants. Cheap dental implants in Melbourne don’t need extra support to function. They, in fact, strengthen the jawbone, even stimulating bone growth.

They act as Replacements for your Tooth Roots:

When there’s a missing tooth, there’ll be a void space where the root is located. While several tooth replacement solutions primarily focus on the crown of the teeth, dental implants concentrate upon the parts that are invisible to others, such as the roots. The roots of your teeth within the jaw is what holds your teeth in place. When dental implants are inserted, they act as tooth roots to support the artificial tooth. As dental implants are made using biocompatible titanium, a new tissue will grow to create a bond between the bone and the metal.

All of the above facts prove the point that dental implants are one of the most reliable solutions for tooth replacements. For details about dental implants cost in Melbourne or other queries, contact your dental professional who will answer all your queries about the procedure.