Knocked Your Tooth Out? Replace it with Dental Implants

Knocked Your Tooth Out? Replace it with Dental Implants


If you have recently had your tooth knocked out, don’t worry; there is hope! First of all, you are not the only who had encountered it. More than five million teeth are knocked out every year in both children and adult due to various reasons. Immediate action can save the tooth so that it can be replanted and last for years to come. However, not everyone who had their tooth knocked out can successfully replant it. Fortunately, there are tooth replacement options that can help regain your smile back.

A missing tooth can lead to several issues, but the dental implants Sydney and bridges can restore your smile and help improve your oral and general health. Yes, advances in prosthetic dentistry have made it possible to fill the gap with bridges and dental implants that are more functional and attractive. However, dental implants are considered to be as the permanent solution for the missing teeth as they have high success rate and long-lasting.

What are implants?

Teeth implants are artificial tooth roots inserted into the jaw to replace a missing tooth. An implant replaces the root of a natural tooth to hold the replacement teeth firmly. Once the implant is inserted, it naturally fuses with the jawbone through the process called osseointegration.  As it is made of biocompatible material it fuses naturally and doesn’t cause any problem.

Bone density is the primary factor that determines whether or not you can receive dental implants. You’ll need enough bone to receive implants if not; it may lead to implant failure. Thanks to the bone grafting procedure which allows reconstructing the bone and enhancing the bone density.

Unlike dentures, dental implants Sydney help preserve the jawbone as they act as the root of the replacement teeth. It is not the case with dentures as they reduce the bone density and leads to several issues.

What is the cost of dental implants in Sydney?

When compared to the cost of dentures, the dental implants cost in Sydney may seem high. But, they provide a wealth of benefits than dentures. Implants are not expensive. In fact, the price of implants is based on several factors including the number of implants, the material of the crown, anaesthesia, and additional procedures like tooth extraction, bone graft, and sinus lift. Speak with your dentist regarding the price of implants as not two patients are the same, and the price may differ from one patient to another. If you have dental insurance, check your benefits to see how much cost would be covered by your insurer.

If you are young, cheap dental implants Sydney will protect against progressive bone loss. It is a better option than wearing dentures which does nothing but deteriorate the jawbone.