A Guide to Safe Massage Practice for Massage Therapists

A Guide to Safe Massage Practice for Massage Therapists


After the first few months of fear and exploring the possibilities, it has come time for massage centers to reopen. Everyone got back on the old habits but under new regulations. We’re all adjusting to the new normal.

In this article, we’re going to share a couple of tips and recommendations about how to be safe at the workplace. We’ll talk about how to make a safer environment for your customers. Follow up and see what needs to be done so everyone stays safe from Covid-19.

1. Wearing a mask is a must

There’s no negotiating on this one. Scientists prove that if both persons wear a mask, the chances for infection are limited to almost zero. Since the recommendation of maintaining social distance is impossible here, you must follow the rest of the regulations to the maximum.

According to scientists, if both people wear masks, the chance for infecting each other is limited to only less than 1%. The numbers never lie, so wear a mask and make sure both you and your client are safe. See more on this here.

2. Always wash your hands

The other way to transfer the virus is through the skin. Since the whole purpose of the massage is to rub the skin, then it’s clear that you need to have your hands clean at all times.

You can’t be aware if you carry the virus before you get the symptoms. The virus has about a week to incubate. Only after this time, it shows symptoms. During this time, you’re going to be contagious and spread the virus without even knowing that you have it.

If you infect some of your clients, be sure that your career is over. That’s why you need to wash your hands not just between clients, but during the massage too. If it is more convenient for you, use an antibacterial gel. This will kill the virus on your hands if you have it.

3. Wear gloves

It’s hard for a masseur to work with gloves, but this might be the only way to protect yourself and your clients. If it’s okay with you, then go ahead and wear them before the massage. You can practice a little before you actually get the first person in your practice so it feels more natural.

Once you’re ready, you can start working again, and this way you’re almost completely safe from getting infected and infecting someone else if you’re a carrier of the virus. See why gloves are important here: https://www.ecdc.europa.eu/en/publications-data/gloves-healthcare-and-non-healthcare-settings-covid-19.

The gloves will prevent your hands from touching anyone else. When you’re done with one appointment, you can throw away the used gloves and use a new pair for the new patient. This is the perfect way to avoid any chance of creating a problem.

4. Use different massage rooms

Instead of using the same massage bed at all times, you should use two different rooms with two different beds. While you’re working in one of them, a cleaning person can decontaminate the entire room where you massaged the previous person.

Yes, this might include more people and lower the profits, but this is still better than being out of business completely. Other than this, nothing is going to be changed. The work will continue, the clients will be satisfied, and everything will be fine.

5. Close the waiting room

If you haven’t been using the benefits of appointments and scheduling your patients to arrive at the exact time, this is a great reason to start. Make sure you don’t appoint two clients at the same time in your practice.

If someone arrives earlier, it will be best for them to wait in the open. Have as little people as possible in your practice.


With these few points and recommendations coming from the health organization, it should be easy for you to do your job perfectly easy. Everyone’s doing this. If you want to see how others handled this issue, just check out the Galway massage centre and their way of treating numerous clients at the same time.

In other words, if you want to do something, there’s surely a way to do it. Follow the recommendations and be safe.