An overview of Bone Grafting Procedure for Dental Implants

An overview of Bone Grafting Procedure for Dental Implants


No matter if you have lost a tooth due to trauma, periodontal disease, or oral infection, dental implants is a safe, excellent, and long-term solution. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root look like a screw, and it is inserted into the jawbone to hold a replacement tooth or bridge in place.

Teeth implants can also assist in saving adjacent teeth as they don’t rely on neighbouring teeth for support. However, you must have healthy bones to receive implants.  When a tooth is missing, it deteriorates the bones that supported your roots, gums, and teeth. Fortunately, with the help of bone graft procedure, the lost bone can be rebuilt, which helps you to receive dental implants. In fact, bone grafting and dental implants go hand-in-hand.

Bone Grafting is a normal procedure

If you are planning to receive dental implants and don’t have enough jawbone, your dentist may suggest a bone grafting procedure to support the implants. It is normal for you to be scared, but there is nothing to fear as it is a safe, normal procedure done by administering anaesthesia. This additional procedure price will be added to the overall dental implants cost Sydney. So, ask your dentist about the cost of bone grafting procedure.

The Bone grafting procedure is done when a patient doesn’t have healthy bones in his or her mouth to support dental implant Sydney.  This deficiency of natural bones is caused by gum disease, empty space after a tooth was extracted; face injury or trauma, and development defects.

What exactly involves in the bone grafting procedure

The bone grafting process involves removing a piece of your bone from another part of your jaw and transplanting it into the jawbone. Alternative options available now include obtaining bone from an animal source to replace the missing bone. By transplanting new healthy bones, the bone and supporting tissues can be recreated.

Once this procedure is done, it may take several months for the newly reconstructed bone to grow enough to support the implants. Remember, dental implants cost Sydneymay seem expensive due to this additional procedure. If you want to avoid, replace a tooth as soon as you have lost them.

Are bone grafts painful?

No! It is an outpatient procedure and patients are sedated throughout the procedure. In fact, bone graft is the first step you have to enjoy the wealth of benefits offered by the dental implants.

Does everyone need bone graft?

No! As long as you have healthy bones to support teeth implants you don’t have to undergo this procedure.

Additional procedures like bone graft, sinus lift, and tooth extraction may affect the overall cost of dental implants in Sydney.