Importance of Regular Check-ups with Paediatric Dentist for Your Children

Importance of Regular Check-ups with Paediatric Dentist for Your Children


Paediatric dentist in Parramatta is dedicated to providing your children with good oral hygiene from their childhood to their teenage. They have many years of experience in dealing with children after qualifying to take care of every child’s mouth, gums, and teeth throughout various stages of their childhood. Most dentists encourage children to have their first dental visit from the ages of two to three to reduce the fear of visiting Parramatta dental clinic and to promote good oral hygiene. Children have the highest risk of having tooth decay, which may cause infection and severe pain if not treated properly. Having regular dental visit will allow your dentist to find out the issue at its initial stage and cure it without making it a serious issue.

Paediatric dentist in Parramatta offers comprehensive dental care to your children that includes

  • Oral health examination for infants that includes the assessment of risk for caries in mother and child.
  • Providing preventive dental care such as cleaning and fluoride treatments
  • Correcting an improper bite at the early stage
  • Providing children with nutrition and diet recommendations
  • Treating tooth defects, decay, cavities, etc. at the initial stage
  • Providing habit counselling
  • Analyse the oral condition associated with various diseases such as asthma, diabetes,hay fever, etc.
  • Providing treatment for gum diseases
  • Providing care for dental injuries like displaced, fractured or knocked-out teeth
  • Helps to maintain overall dental health
  • Providing preventive dental hygiene instructions for brushing, flossing, and eating habits.

Making Children at Ease

One of the essential aspects of a regular dental visit is to familiarise your children with the dentist. If your child visits the dentist from their young age regularly, then they will not fear during their appointments. Once your children get positive exposure to dental appointmentsat the young age, the less they feel anxious or nervous when they get older. Also, more likely, they will go to their dentist throughout their life.

Creating a Routine

Similar to adults, children should also visit their dentist once every six months. But most adults don’t stick to that recommendation. By creating a routine of check-ups with the dentist at a young age, you make your children follow the habit of having a regular dental check-up when they become adults.

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