How Dental Crowns can Improve a Patient’s Smile

How Dental Crowns can Improve a Patient’s Smile


Some people don’t like their smiles. Whether their teeth look yellowish or they appear too crooked, they want a beautiful, white smile they can feel proud of. Fortunately, a dental crown in Buffalo Grove IL is available as a reliable solution to a poor smile.

Dental crowns cover the teeth to improve their look and function. Also, they protect the already damaged and fragile teeth from further harm. Some dentists use them along with dental implants for filling teeth gaps. They are often made of porcelain and ceramic to better match the color of natural teeth.

How a Dental Crown Procedure Works

Often, placing a dental crown can be done within a few visits. The dentist will first clean the patient’s mouth and inspect the tooth that will get the crown. They will examine the tooth to make sure it can sufficiently support a dental crown. They, they will file the tooth down and shape it to ensure the crown fits properly in place.

Once the dentist has prepared the tooth, they will take a mold of it and the surrounding teeth. Most dentists today use digital imaging and technology for taking the impressions of the tooth. They will send the mold to a laboratory which will be used by a technician to create a custom crown that fits the patient’s mouth. When the permanent crown has been made, the dentist will fit it accordingly and anchor it in place using an adhesive.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

A dental crown can last up to a decade or more when properly taken care of. Dental crowns effectively replace missing teeth to keep the teeth aligned and make the patient feel more confident in their smile. Also, these crowns repair broken or damaged teeth to help a person eat normally and cover discolored teeth for a whiter smile.