How to Stick to Your Physical Therapy Homework in 5 Steps

How to Stick to Your Physical Therapy Homework in 5 Steps


Physical therapy has gained a lot of fame in recent years. It’s an excellent treatment option for patients in need of rehabilitation. If you have issues moving around due to injuries, therapy is an essential step to overcoming injuries. However, the treatment plan varies between patients, and the physical therapist will design a personalized treatment plan to help with your condition.

Here are ideas to help you stick to the therapy plan:

1. Goal setting is key!

 Just like with other things in life, setting and identifying your goals is critical. This gives you the motivation to continue with the physical therapy sessions no matter the obstacles. Your goals can range from; going back to your usual sport or getting involved in other activities that you used to love.

Have a smaller goal that can help you achieve your main intent. With a clear purpose, you’ll stay motivated and benefit from the therapy in the long run. Therefore, start small weekly goals like climbing more stairs and keep increasing this with time.

2. Choose adaptive exercises

The GoTherex physical therapist will recommend different physical therapy exercises. These include;

  • Aerobic exercises- Running, swimming, and walking.
  • Endurance exercises- Rope jumping, power walking, and running.
  • Strengthening exercises- Hamstrings stretch, child’s pose, and side lunge stretch

Your therapist will recommend what suits your condition and wants. However, all exercises count, and you can modify them to fit your daily routine and tasks.

For instance, you can stretch your body and shoulders while at your office desk. You can as well practice balancing while waiting to be served at the supermarket. These simple exercises will add up and expedite quick recovery.

3. Get equipped!

The physical therapy clinic may have all sorts of equipment to help you achieve your goals. You also need some equipment for your home practice. You don’t have to install a fully furnished gym, though! Acquire essentials like;

  • Resistance bands& tubing
  • Foam rollers
  • Exercise balls
  • Hand& finger exerciser
  • Stretching equipment

These are cost-effective choices that will ensure an effective exercising routine.

4Set a routine

 There are different physical therapy programs offered at GoTherex clinic; visit site to learn what other patients have to say. Most of the physical therapy exercises don’t take long. Therefore, you can always set time aside for a few simple activities each day.

 Identify an ideal time in your calendar and fit a specific time for your activities. Do this each day and at a specific time; this will make it easier to remember and eases the process. You can exercise while watching TV or working at your desk, and long as you remember to exercise daily.

5. Monitor your progress 

You may achieve much during your home exercise program but can only remember all this through tracking your progress. Log all the exercise details computer for this will help you stay consistent. It will also help you in monitoring the progress.

The bottom line

 Physical therapy comes with many gains to all patients. No matter your condition, the therapist will help you alleviate pain and manage your condition better. To achieve this, stay focused on your exercise goals, follow a routine, and choose adaptive excises to suit your needs.