Personal Hygiene: Necessity of the Same

Personal Hygiene: Necessity of the Same


Personal hygiene not only affects the physiological aspects of the person but also impacts the sociological and psychological aspects of the person. Maintenance of personal hygiene allows a person to remain intact and provides a person with a distinguished and better-looking personality. After COVID-19, people understood the requirement for personal hygiene; hence, the demand for personal hygiene products rose in the market.

The heavy demand for these forced companies to manufacture the products on a mass scale. Due to this heavy production by companies and brands, the market is filled with several personal hygiene products. It has created confusion in the minds of the consumer. When buying the appropriate product for personal care, several customers need more time to decide.

While buying personal care products, a person must choose with caution and select the one that suits their needs and aspirations. Personal hygiene is essential for the person as bad personal hygiene could be counted as a repellent and not favourable for a person’s social life. With better personal hygiene, a person is supposedly socially more accepted. By employing certain activities with high-quality personal care products, a person could facilitate self with better appearance and outlook.

What is the Significance of Personal Hygiene?

Personal hygiene affects multiple aspects of a person’s life. These are the benefits that a person receives from dedicated personal care:-

  • Protection From Communicable or Infectious Diseases: With proper personal care, a person eliminates the chances of infections and ailments from taking root. A person with good personal hygiene eliminates those at the primary level, i.e., while hand washing, bathing, etc. With the same, the infectious germs are prevented from acting, and consumers can protect themself from them. Ignorance of personal hygiene can result in several other ailments, such as skin infections and respiratory disorders due to exposure to germs, eye infections, etc. Personal hygiene also adds an aid to the stimulation of the body and provides a person with better health. There are multiple medical benefits that a person receives from better personal hygiene.
  • Sociological Benefits: With better personal hygiene, a person develops a better appearance and better body odour. It provides a person with an appearance that suits the civilized crowd. The same allows a person to be socially acceptable and have a better social life. Social life is an essential aspect of a person and affects the person’s mental well-being. A person could also consider good personal hygiene the social norm everyone must fulfil to be accepted by society.
  • Psychological Benefits: Better personal hygiene allows a person to have a better personality. A good personality and appearance boost the confidence of the person. Confidence contributes to the success of the person in several aspects of life. Confidence also contributes to the psychological well-being of the person. As we know, good personal hygiene allows a person to suit the civilized crowd. It contributes to a better social life. A better social life provides a person with a happy and stress-free mind, which provides the best psychological health.
  • Financial Benefits: Good personal hygiene saves the money that a person may spend on ailments caused by ignorance of health and hygiene. In the long run, personal hygiene’s contribution trespasses on the cost involved.

What Products Must a Person Have As a Personal Hygiene Kit?

 A person must keep personal hygiene products as per their needs. Although certain products generally suit the needs and requirements, caring through the same does not harm anyhow. These are the products that provide a person with the general care required to have excellent personal hygiene:

  • Hand Wash: Hand washes are induced with anti-bacterial features. Hand washes provide a person with protection from several germs that a person catches in the course of regular work and travel. With hand washes, a person removes the germs that may cause harm to the person. Hand washes act as a shield and provide the user with protection from germs and microbes and prevent them from reaching orally.
  • Soap: Soap has sodium-dodecyl benzene sulphonate, which acts as a dirt magnet. It also acts as a neutralizing agent against the pollutants found in the environment. A good quality soap also has anti-bacterial attributes, which allow a person to have a better and healthy lifestyle. Regular skin care with soap provides a person with the general care required.
  • Skincare Products: These provide an excellent cleansing to the skin and allow a person to have the care required. With proper cleansing from these products, body stimulation happens immediately and effectively. It also provides a shield against the effects of pollution and UV emissions.
  • Deodorant: It allows a person to maintain body odour. It also shields the body against bacterial development in the body.


Personal hygiene allows a person to have a healthy and better appearance. With personal hygiene, a person can balance the sociological, physiological, and psychological aspects of life. A person could have the desired results by applying proper personal hygiene products. MyNiwa is the platform a consumer must look for female personal care products. With sustainable and reliable products, this platform facilitates the consumer.