Simple Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Simple Ways to Boost Your Immune System


If the recent Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that a healthy and functioning immune system is certainly not something to take for granted. The world over, it was those with an immune system up to the job that could most successfully fight off the disease, avoid hospitalization, and recover quicker. This is a fact that the pandemic truly brought into focus, but the same goes for any health condition known to humanity. Having a tough immune system in your corner is your best bet for fighting off disease. Of course, we all knew that – but now we really know it.

A Common Misconception

Nevertheless, this characterization of the immune system as a bodily system that fights disease and therefore needs to be as strong as possible leads us to a quite common misconception about how it works and what it is for. This may come as great surprise to many, but you don’t actually want your immune system to be too strong. Your immune system needs to be strong enough to fight disease, but not so strong that it becomes oversensitive, over reacts, and kicks in when there is actually nothing serious to fight. In that direction lies auto-immune diseases, which are caused by an immune system that ends up targeting health tissues and fights bodily friends, not enemies.

Thus, a properly functioning immune system is one that strikes a pretty delicate balance between under- and overreaction. Remember, the experience of sickness is the sensation of your body fighting disease; it isn’t the disease that causes a high temperature, for example.That is the immune system.

How to “Boost” Your Immune System

Accordingly, it is better not to think of looking after your immune system as “boosting” it.Rather, it should be thought of as creating the optimal conditions for it to perform at its best. Here are some simple tips to help with that:

Maintain a Healthy Diet

We all know that it is important to eat well. But what are the best things to eat for a healthy immune system? The answer here is not to turn to one or two immunity-boosting super foods, but rather to keep things rounded. That means plenty of vegetables, legumes (beans and peas), fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins. These are the things to tick off.

Use Supplements Carefully

Specifically, vitamins B6, C and E are the ones most associated with immune system health. However, all of these can be sourced very effectively from the rounded diet which we just discussed. And research suggests that the body absorbs these more effectively from food rather than supplements. There is a place for supplements, but you should only take them if advised or if you have a specific immunity weakness. As a compromise, why not turn to other new health foodstuffs and drinks which are proven to boost immunity?Hydrogen water, available from companies such as Synergy Science, is highly recommended for this purpose and will not lead to over stimulation of the immune system.

Exercise and Sleep (And Reduce Stress)

Another well-known necessity of good health, a proper sleep pattern is one of the most effective ways to maintain a healthy immune system. And if you work in the right amount of aerobic exercise, it will also improve your sleep, which in turn will give you more energy to continue with that exercise. It will also help reduce immunity-destroying stress levels. It is a happy circle.

Last Word

You can think of the tips above as essential for the maintenance of a functioning (not overstimulated) immune system, one that is not only strong enough, but sophisticated enough to offer lifelong protection from disease.