Tips to boost your chances of In Vitro Fertilization Success

Tips to boost your chances of In Vitro Fertilization Success


In vitro fertilization, success rates vary depending on numerous factors such as the primary cause of infertility, age, and the specific clinic where you’re having the procedure done. Studies show that there are many options you can explore to enhance your chances of achieving a successful IVF. Remember, you should consult with your IVF specialist in Singapore just to be sure that the lifestyle changes you intend to make won’t harm your health or interfere with the cycle.

1. Achieve a healthy weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is essential for everyone intending to undergo in vitro fertilization. Being overweight or overweight with a BMI>35 or underweight (BMI<19) negatively impacts your chances of conception. Obesity can also make it challenging for your doctor to monitor your ovaries and could lead to complications during ova retrieval.

Therefore, the necessary lifestyle changes should be implemented with the help of a nutritionist or experienced medical practitioner.

2. Sperm health is essential too

Some of the ways of optimizing sperm health include maintaining the recommended body weight, monitored use of multivitamins, using boxers over briefs, and more. Men can also start using medications that boost sperm count and quality. Note that you need to talk to the IVF specialist before you begin using such medication.

3. Choose a good facility

Partnering with a knowledgeable, experienced IVF specialist and embryology lab could also increase your chances of conceiving. In addition to commitment and experience in evidence-based medical practices, choose an expert with whom you feel a little bit connected and comfortable with. Choose a professional who can offer you emotional support and will always be by your side during the entire IVF cycle.

Ask for recommendations from colleagues, friends, and even relatives who you know can direct you to a reliable specialist. Be sure to perform internet research and check online reviews to find out what the physicians’ previous patients are saying about the quality of their services. It’s also recommended to determine the credibility of a particular facility before you choose to work with them.

4. Ditch alcohol, smoking, and reduce caffeine intake

Nicotine can drastically reduce your chances of a successful IVF as it affects the sperm and ova quality. Quitting smoking isn’t an easy task and probably requires a great deal of professional and personal support. Therefore, it’s good to involve your family and relatives to encourage you in the process.

5. Relax, and get enough, quality sleep

Doctors emphasize the importance of getting enough rest and maintaining a healthy mind and body. Meditation is among the most effective ways to help your mind stay calm and establish a perfect balance in your body. There are different types of meditation you can practice, and each of them is beneficial. Such relaxation practices can help clear your mind of chatter and excess thoughts. A calm mind means you can get enough rest, and significantly boost the chances of achieving a successful in vitro fertilization cycle.