Tips to Care for Your Skin After Laser Hair Removal

Tips to Care for Your Skin After Laser Hair Removal


Laser hair removal is one of the more permanent ways of getting rid of hair in places you would rather not have hair. Although laser hair removal Vancouver is safe when done in a professional clinic, there are still certain things you need to do to ensure full recovery without any complications. If you have it done by a professional, they will probably tell you most of these, but as you prepare for the procedure, it is good to know beforehand some vital information.

Stay Away From Direct Sunlight

From the time you leave the laser hair removal Vancouver clinic, do not expose the treated area to direct sunlight. This is because UV rays from the sun can cause complications to the skin which may still be vulnerable. For at least 7 days, you should avoid any UV treatment or exposure.

Use Restorative Gel

The most recommended restoration gel that you should be able to find at any skin care clinic Vancouver would be one that contains Aloe Vera. These have components that can deal with discomfort as well as aid recovery. Some people also use ice packs to help with the discomfort that they feel after the treatment. Ensure however that they are clean.

Spend 2 Weeks or More Before Further Laser Treatment

It takes a few days for the hair to fall off, you may be tempted to go back to have the procedure done with the hope that it will hasten the process of getting the hair removed, but that would be dangerous. Some people may want to follow up hair removal with laser skin resurfacing Vancouver, but this should also be delayed as the skin heals. Note however that it may not be visible that the skin needs to heal and that is why some people consider having another procedure done too soon. This should be avoided. This also applies to any chemical treatment like using hair removal cream. Wait until it is healed.

Keep Up With Your Appointments

The clinic will give you another appointment after the procedure, you may be tempted to miss the appointment because you think the hair has already fallen off. It is not wise to do that. Your progress needs to be checked on by a professional who will give you advice about what else to do and whether you may still need more treatment to see the full benefit of laser treatment.

Stay Away From Heat

There are different sources of heat that would have a negative effect on your skin. Heat warmers are some of them. Laptops too can be a bad idea if you had the procedure done on your thighs. The laser produces heat, so your skin should not be exposed to more heat.

In Conclusion

Laser hair removal is safe as we said in the beginning, but you need to ensure that you remain safe after the procedure. Follow all the advice given to you by the technician and you should have no complications.